Virgo and Sacred Sexuality

Virgo and Sacred Sexuality

Conventional astrology has proven us Virgo photographs of a sexless previous maid faculty trainer together with her legs crossed contrasted with a licentious “profane” prostitute, downtrodden and victimized. The frequent concept of Virgo is that of a virgin, a sexless individual, nonetheless, the unique that means of the phrase virgin has been misplaced. In Latin, ‘virgo’ merely means single, whereas ‘virgo intacta’ refers back to the lack of sexual expertise. To say that Virgo is virginal merely implies that she belongs to no man, that she can’t be possessed. Her sexual acts usually are not used to acquire possession, safety, or energy. She doesn’t want a person to present her a way of identification, quite, that’s discovered inside herself and her identification with the goddess. And a significant attribute of the goddess was divine sexuality. Therefore a lady may make love with a person for his or her mutual upliftment, not for bonding.

As Stephen Arroyo as soon as stated at a convention I attended, “In spite of everything, Virgo is an earth signal.” Earth indicators are sensual, grounded, of the physique. The distinction for Virgo is that intercourse should serve the next function. As Virgo sifts the wheat, separating the chaff from the lifegiving grain, so it sifts its human relations in order that they have to be lifegiving. Virgo sexuality have to be devoted to one thing increased than itself. It have to be for the sacred, devoted to the goddess precept. What we have now misplaced is the picture of the sturdy lady standing proud in her sexuality, utilizing it to serve the divine by sharing it and its bounty with others, educating via her bliss and ecstasy. When this picture is misplaced to us as a tradition, many are misplaced as to their very own definition of themselves, and it hurts us all by limiting our perceptions of our personal sexuality and its increased function.

The good goddess in her bounty, bestowing life, love, bliss, together with sexual pleasure, is a picture that has survived all makes an attempt to tarnish it even when it has needed to go underground to take action. Virgo embodies this picture of sacred sexuality and can develop into stronger by reclaiming it. The sacred prostitute archetype is certainly one of sexual energy and therapeutic, not the sexually crippled picture of Virgo a few of us have been given. Virgo shouldn’t be the cut up between the madonna or the whore, Virgo is the combination of the madonna and the whore, and thus holds a key for all of us as we try to combine the various and diversified elements of our Self.

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