Significance of Debilitated Moon in Astrology

Significance of Debilitated Moon in Astrology

Attribute of Moon:

  • Moon within the delivery chart is taken into account of nice significance as a result of it’s a very fast transferring planet [it traverses one cycle of zodiac in about 27 days] and is able to giving sudden good/dangerous outcomes.
  • It’s lord of signal Most cancers.
  • It’s chilly, changeable, moist, receptive, feminine planet having Rajas qualities.
  • Its constellations are Rohini, Hast and Shravan.
  • Moon totally features the seventh home from it.
  • It has a Dasa interval of 10 years within the chart.
  • Its signal of exaltation is Taurus and signal of debilitation is Scorpio.

Astrological significance of Moon:

  • It governs conception, embryo, animal intuition and delivery of kid.
  • It represents mom, house and nation.
  • Energy of psychological brilliance, emotional actions and psychological acts are managed by the Moon.
  • Household life, house, private affairs and basic public is indicated by this planet.
  • Fertile Creativeness, pleasurable pursuits and creative thoughts are indicated by moon.
  • It acts as nourishing and soothing planet.
  • Left eye, breast, abdomen, uterus, ovaries, body-fluids, lymph, bladder, and oesophagus are indicated by Moon.

Debilitated moon:

  • Debilitation is a state of a planet occupies its signal of detriment or fall; it’s the weakest place of a planet. Moon will get very weak and debilitated when it transits within the signal Scorpio.
  • Within the signal Scorpio the Moon fails to guard/promote the traits dominated by it.
  • The debilitated Moon positioned in any auspicious homes destroys the great results of that home.
  • Energy/placement of depositor or Mars on this case needs to be analysed.
  • Points/affiliation/conjunction of different planets to Moon needs to be analysed for proper prediction.
  • Consideration of Neech bhang raj yoga.
  • States of Moon infancy/previous age and waxing/waning needs to be checked up.

Outcomes of debilitated Moon for various ascendants:

Aries: Moon placed in eighth home within the state of debilitation signifies laborious childhood, illnesses associated to chilly and cough, chronicle illnesses; this place will not be beneficial for mom/maternal kinfolk.

Taurus: Moon positioned in seventh home signifies marital discord, unfastened morality, dissatisfaction with life companion, unfastened morality, many obstacles in profession and misfortune after marriage.

Gemini: placement of Moon in sixth home signifies lack of inheritance, monetary constraints, lack of amassed wealth and affected by the illnesses of throat, eyes and mouth.

Most cancers: debilitated Moon posited in fifth home exhibits merciless and crafty nature of the native, affected by offspring’s, unlucky amorous affairs leading to emotional breakdown, inclination for malefic deeds.

Leo: placement of Moon in 4th home is inauspicious for household life; the native shall be extraordinarily emotional, issues associated with conveyance and property, faces shame as a result of his silly deeds.

Virgo: Moon in third home lays obstacles in stream of revenue, discord with females, unfulfilled needs and dissatisfaction.

Libra: Moon positioned in 2nd home signifies monetary and household constraints, at all times unsuccessfulness; as a result of dangerous karma the native loses the inheritance and parental property and having malefic speech.

Scorpio: in ascendant Moon signifies egoistic nature, unsuccessfulness as a result of careless and excessive emotional nature, illnesses of chilly and cough are predicated.

Sagittarius: Moon in twelfth home signifies worry and inferiority complicated, limitation, hindrance, enforced retirement, illness as a result of acts of indiscretion, enmities with females inflicting fear and hassle, as a result of extravagant nature compensation of mortgage turns into powerful.

Capricorn: in eleventh home Moon lays obstacles in married life, desertion by close to ones and getting success in profession after crossing many hurdles.

Aquarius: Moon in tenth signifies the shame in life as a result of malefic mentality, career/occupation demanding fixed change/voyage/travelling, dispute with authorities, fixed affected by illness/ mortgage/enemies, fluctuation in enterprise/ occupation/career, unsuccessfulness in any work, public scandal and censure.

Pisces: Debilitated Moon posited in ninth home signifies misfortune as a result of offspring, much less progeny, shame for father, as a result of failed amorous affairs the native has to face shame with damaged training.




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