Rahu The Shadow Planet

Rahu The Shadow Planet

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and haven’t any bodily type like different seven planets. Taurus is its exaltation signal and Scorpio is its debilitated signal. Rahu additionally acts a catalyst agent to boost the outcomes of that sturdy planet with whom it’s conjoined.

Common charters tics of Rahu:

  • Thought-about as merciless, significator of bondage, darkish complexion, tamsic or conceited nature, harsh or evil pondering, Rahu additionally represents Akash factor and contributes for concern psychosis and insanity.
  • Rahu is a shadow planet therefore offers with the shadow actions or psychological points of an individual. Rahu represents serpent head, it strikes too quick, therefore is an indicator of accident. It has secretive offers. Folks with sturdy Rahu even attempt to perceive mysticism and secrets and techniques of universe.
  • Rahu is accountable for career in investigation, scientist, laptop programmer, lecturer, psychologist, professional in psychological illnesses, politicians and work associated to radio/phone/ tv and astrology.
  • Rahu is accountable for sinking with ship or drawing, pleasure with diseased girls, life in a cave. Being a significator of Akash factor Rahu can also be accountable for journey by aeroplane. Rahu could cause imprisonment whether it is positioned in Twelfth home.
  • Rahu like Saturn has separative tendencies therefore breaks many homes and even enterprise partnerships. It’s accountable for marital or household discord. It’s a planet of suddenness therefore offers fast and sudden outcomes. In human relations it, it instructions the maternal -side and in-laws.
  • On the human physique Rahu is indicator of pores and skin illnesses, causes abortions, and impacts the nervous system, phobia, stammering, leprosy, tumours, serpent bits, amputation, leprosy, giddiness and early little one deaths.

Planetary results of Rahu:

  • Usually Rahu presents the outcomes of the planets with which it’s conjoined, or by which it’s aspected or by the ruler of the signal during which they’re positioned.
  • Astrologers take into account Rahu as a really sturdy and highly effective and it snatches energy of a planet/s to whom it’s related to. All attributes/qualities of that planet/s are being taken by Rahu and the consequence could occur accordingly in its interval.
  • If Rahu positioned in benefice homes like Fifth/Ninth and whether it is together with or aspected by lord of Maraka hose such that’s 2nd/Seventh, it causes demise of their Dasha, even via the lord of home Fifth/Ninth are extremely auspicious or produce raj-yoga.
  • If Rahu is in Maraka homes or in 2nd/Seventh and whether it is conjoined with or aspected by lords of Fifth/Ninth, it doesn’t causes demise, but it surely will increase one’s well being and contribute for the longer life span of the native.
  • If Rahu is paced in 2nd/Seventh and if lords of 2nd/Seventh are conjoined with it or side Rahu the latter then will get the facility of inflicting demise.
  • Rahu place in Sixth/Eighth/Twelfth home and related to lords of quadrants/trines, the native will benefit from the useful outcomes in the course of the transition interval or Mahadasa of such planet, however they may even undergo from illnesses, endure many difficulties and meet with accident throughout Antradasha of lord of Sixth/Eighth/Twelfth planets.
  • Rahu positioned in 1st/Third/4th/Seventh/Ninth/Tenth and benefice or Yogkarak planets conjoin or side it, one can count on happiness, well being, wealth, youngsters, energy, prosperity and comforts of conveyance of their durations.
  • Rahu mix with Solar/Moon or in shut conjunction with them produces Eclipse yoga. This yoga impacts the digestion and progeny. The native faces many hardships within the life concerning luck, schooling profession and little one start.

Temporary description of results produced by placement of Rahu in several home:

  • 1st — merciless, brave, darkish complexion, religion in faith.
  • 2nd— argumentative, quarrelsome, information in laptop or electronics.
  • Third— rich, wrestler, sportsman, wholesome.
  • 4th— sad, downside associated with mom and property.
  • Fifth— progeny issues, abortions, timid, poor intelligence.
  • Sixth— winner, no enemy, freedom from illnesses.
  • Seventh— late/unconventional marriage, diabetic and egoistic.
  • Eighth— exile, unfastened morals, litigation and settlement away from the start place.
  • Ninth— political profession, rich and professional in lots of fields.
  • Tenth— politics, curiosity in literature and scholar.
  • eleventh — extra move of earnings and fame.
  • Twelfth— imprisonment, saint fame gained exterior the nation.




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