How Astrology Can Be Used to Discover True Happiness?

How Astrology Can Be Used to Discover True Happiness?

Allow us to start by saying:

Astrology is a Cosmic Instrument designed to steer mankind in the direction of realization of needs and reaching happiness!

Who would not need to do what their coronary heart is really into?

Who would not need to have their interest as their profession?

Who on this world of sufferings of infinite sorts, would not desire a life stuffed with eternal pleasure?

Nicely, the reply is nobody!

Nonetheless we see so many individuals residing lives which might be stuffed with struggles, hardships and by no means ending miseries and happiness appear to be one thing all the time past their attain regardless of what number of so referred to as “happiness ideas” they observe.

So the place does astrology comes into image?

The divine play of this cosmos has created a path that enables mankind to glide in the direction of a life devoid of miseries and stuffed with bliss & happiness.

We’re speaking in regards to the historic knowledge of Indian Sages that is named: Astrology or Jyotish.

The very first thing that astrology reveals about individuals, is their true nature primarily based on their horoscope.

This serves as the premise for shifting in the direction of suggesting a path ahead to them for reaching what their coronary heart needs.

With a view to excel in each private {and professional} lives, individuals should clearly determine the kinds of areas proven of their horoscope wherein they’re most definitely to get most alternatives of success.

For instance, an individual having a nicely positioned exalted Solar in his/her horoscope will discover it simple to crack aggressive exams for top positions within the authorities. Such kind of individuals will possess pure qualities of being a frontrunner and an in a position administrator.

Equally, individuals having an Ethereal Astrological Signal like Libra as their Ascendant, should fastidiously search for the mixtures of a sound mind-set of their horoscope all through their life in the event that they need to go into professions which have a excessive stage of stress hooked up to them e.g. Flying an plane, inventory market analyst and so on., as a result of if at anytime the mixtures of hysteria/despair seem of their lives, they would be the ones to see wild swings of their psychological states as in comparison with individuals with an Earthy Signal like Taurus as their Ascendant.

Folks having Rahu (North Node of the Moon) nicely positioned of their horoscope are prone to succeed as Surgeons, Spies, Politicians and Laptop Engineers.

Those that have Mars nicely positioned of their Natal Chart (horoscope), will discover armed safety providers such because the army/police providers as beneficial profession selections for them.

A nicely positioned Mercury promotes luck in Journalism or Mass Media.

Like these, there are a lot of different profession strategies, primarily based on quite a lot of outcomes that come out from totally different permutations & mixtures whereas analyzing a horoscope.

Aside from profession, marital life is one thing that resolve the standard of our life and the happiness index related to it.

Astrology can and is extensively used to find out whether or not a selected associate will show be the proper life associate for me if I tie the knot with that particular person or getting into right into a marital alliance with that particular person will damage the bliss that I’m in search of from marriage?

Horoscope matching making is a course of in astrology that’s used to investigate the horoscopes of each the boy and the woman to calculate their compatibility with one another.

The actual home that’s analyzed for this function is the seventh home. Placement and/or features of malefics on this home signifies a hard marriage and well timed remedial measures ought to be taken in such circumstances.

The fifth & ninth Homes of the Horoscope:

Coming to pinpointed topic of happiness, an astrologer significantly takes under consideration: the fifth home and the ninth home of a natal chart.

The fifth home represents: Complete Intelligence, Love, Youngsters, Abdomen and rather more.

It’s with this home we have a look at the happiness issue signified in a single’s life because the areas that it represents, maintain direct reference to our mind-set.

If the fifth home is affected by the presence or features of malefic planets, then all of the areas related to this home will get negatively affected leading to lack of satisfaction in a single’s life.

As with out good intelligence, sensible survival won’t be doable.

With out love, life would appear to be lonely.

With out kids, marital bliss might be absent from life.

And talking in well being phrases, with no wholesome abdomen, general good well being won’t be doable as in Ayurveda it’s mentioned that: Each ailment sprouts from an unhealthy abdomen.

Equally, ninth home represents: Greater Training, Overseas Journey, Spirituality and Luck.

Having a robust ninth home would be sure that the native may have the next stage schooling that might lead to a brilliant profession, respect in society and secure funds.

Overseas travels will make an individual extra globally related, leading to higher availability of latest alternatives.

Spirituality will make the particular person clear, humane and calm.

Final however not the least and arguably extremely necessary for achievement of needs which in flip will give happiness is: Luck, can also be seen from the ninth home.


We at Future Level go for an all-round evaluation of the horoscope with the intention to discover out what profession selections are good for our purchasers, what sort of partner would give them a harmonious marital life and what precautions or treatments ought to they take to safeguard and enhance the amount and high quality of happiness of their lives.

So, do give us an opportunity to forged your on-line horoscope and give you particular astrological options that might make happiness, a everlasting actuality in you life!

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