Kamric Astrology: The Karma of Scorpio

Kamric Astrology: The Karma of Scorpio

The astrological signal of Scorpio is usually misrepresented and misunderstood. This confusion most likely stems from its image, the scorpion. Scorpions have been round for about 445 million years and from earliest instances have been outstanding in mythology. Egyptians and Babylonians each had scorpion deities and guardians.

From the start scorpions have represented transformation. This can be as a result of they’re hatched trying like miniature variations of themselves and develop by way of the method of ecdysis, by which they periodically shed their arduous exoskeleton and develop a bigger one. Or they might symbolize transformation as a result of their scavenger nature led them to cover out in carcasses, which led individuals to consider that they had been mysteriously born from the useless our bodies of crocodiles or crabs. However probably the most believable cause is that their sting might be deadly to people, inflicting their unwitting sufferer to undergo the largest transformation a human can expertise, transferring from life to dying.

Regardless of the reasoning, scorpions and the related signal of Scorpio are all about transformation, the method of going from a denser, extra materials state to a different, extra refined one. This course of has at the least two phases – the unrefined and the developed – and Scorpios, too, are recognized to have two prototypes. One kind of Scorpio is laden by karma, reacting from outdated reminiscences of being threatened and abused, with domineering, vengeful attitudes. The opposite both has launched or is releasing these karmas, typically by way of trials by hearth, to change into the phoenix, the chook of upper consciousness born from the ashes.

Karmically entangled, unrefined Scorpios are usually tough to reside with. They’re intense, passionate, paranoid, fast to take offense, and keen on revenge. They’ve an uncanny means to see one other individual’s weak spot and to make use of it in opposition to them. Like their animal symbols, they’re photophobic and keep away from the sunshine of fact each time doable. They’re obsessive about secrets and techniques, with each retaining their very own and uncovering everybody else’s. For these Scorpios, data is energy, and so they like to have energy over others.

Unrefined Scorpios are inclined to worth sense pleasures above all the pieces else, which frequently expresses as substance abuse and an intense curiosity in intercourse. However it’s intercourse as energy over one other that pursuits them, which may result in some darkish pleasures in relation to sexual expression.

Some Scorpios might start their lives coping with residual unrefined karma and undergo the transformative course of on this lifetime. They have an inclination to have at the least two distinct phases of life. Most consider it as having lived two lives within the area of 1. Within the first half of their life they might be coping with the problems talked about above. However then one thing dramatic occurs to them, and so they make in depth modifications to their life. For others, this course of started in earlier lifetimes, and so they exhibit refined traits from an early age.

All of them nonetheless have the identical bag of tips related to being a Scorpio, however they refine their tendencies and put them to good use, the very definition of transformation. As an alternative of digging out different individuals’s secrets and techniques, they flip their investigative abilities inward and pursue self-knowledge. As an alternative of expressing their energy over others, they apply energy over themselves. They pursue non secular evolution with all the fervour and depth with which they as soon as chased after sense pleasures. When they’re stung by somebody’s comment, they take the chance to look at why that could be a set off for them. They take up the apply of forgiveness. They study transparency, and so they start to make use of their means to ferret out one other’s weak spot to guard and be of service to that individual.

All of those modifications are arduous received. Refined Scorpios have been to hell and again. They’ve burned within the hearth and risen from the ashes. Now, as birds of transformation, they soar within the highest reaches of consciousness and can assist the remainder of us to embrace the method of radical, evolutionary change. These are the Scorpios I’m encountering increasingly over time, and they’re a blessing to this world.

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