Completely different Forms of Pores and skin Ailments Predicted in Astrology

Completely different Forms of Pores and skin Ailments Predicted in Astrology

The pores and skin is the biggest outer protecting organ of the physique, made up of a number of layers of tissues. It guards and protects the interior organs and programs of the physique from outer pathogens.

Pores and skin illnesses is a broad terminology used of a wide range of pores and skin dysfunction brought on by many inner and exterior elements like genetic, viral, bacterial, inflammatory, allergic and surroundings hazards.

A pores and skin illness causes distress, incapacity, psychological struggling and financial loss to an individual due to its visibility.

By rigorously analysing ones horoscope the astrologer not solely predicts the precise reason behind pores and skin issues however may counsel some astrological treatments.

Elements Accountable for Pores and skin Issues

· Ascendant: normal psychological and bodily well being

· 2nd home: characterize face, pimples on face, facial scars

· sixth home: illness

· Saturn: pure significator of pores and skin, age associated issues, eczema, incurable illnesses

· Moon: blood impurity, anaemia

· Venus: great thing about pores and skin

· Mercury: stress in life, pores and skin issues

· Mars: boils, rashes, allergy symptoms, measles

Completely different mixture for pores and skin illnesses


· Ascendant and Moon causes blood impurity

· Solar, Mars and Saturn positioned collectively in any home trigger leprosy

· A weak malefic planet posited in ascendant and in heavy affliction might induce leprosy

· Moon, Saturn and Mars collectively are posited in Most cancers/ Scorpio/ Pisces, native might endure from leprosy

· Venus, Saturn, Mars, Moon collectively positioned in a watery signal and in heavy affliction might trigger lingering dying as a consequence of extreme leprosy

· Jupiter and Venus/Moon positioned in sixth home and aspected by a malefic

· sixth lord related to Rahu/Ketu posited in ascendant/eighth/tenth home might trigger leprosy

· Lords of ascendant, sixth and eighth positioned collectively in sixth home

· If Moon/Mercury as lord of ascendant related to Rahu/Ketu and aspected by Saturn causes leprosy


· Moon, Solar and a malefic posited in Most cancers, Scorpio and Pisces provides the issue of leucoderma

· Moon, Venus and a malefic planet positioned in a movable signal causes leucoderma

· Mars and Saturn posited in 2nd/twelfth home, Moon in ascendant, and Solar is positioned in seventh home

· Rahu, Solar, Mars/Saturn related to Moon and Mercury/ ascendant

· A malefic planet in Most cancers/Scorpio/Pisces might trigger white patches on the physique

· Ascendant posited in eighth home related /aspected by a malefic, possibilities of having white patches will increase

· Moon in ascendant hammed between two malefic planets posited in 2nd and twelfth

· Moon, Mars and Saturn collectively positioned in Aries/Taurus


· Mercury and Rahu related to lord of ascendant/sixth, trigger eczema

· sixth lord is in inimical signal/inauspiciously positioned/retrograde/debilitate trigger eczema

· sixth lord is with a malefic and aspected by a malefic being positioned in ascendant/eighth/tenth


· Saturn is robust and posited in third with Mars causes itching to the native

Chickenpox and measles

· Mars in ascendant aspected by Solar and Saturn, native might endure from chickenpox

· Solar in ascendant aspected by Mars or Mars in ascendant aspected by solar causes chickenpox

· sixth lord positioned in seventh aspected by Mars

· Lords of ascendant and sixth positioned along with Mars causes measles

· Saturn in eighth and Mars in seventh/ninth causes chickenpox

Boils, pimples, rashes and sores

· Mars with sixth lord causes pores and skin issues like boils, rashes and sores and so forth

· Mars and Ketu positioned in sixth/eighth causes pores and skin issues

· Mars and Saturn positioned in sixth/twelfth causes boils [skin abscesses]

· Saturn in eighth and Mars in seventh, causes pimples on the face

· sixth lord and a malefic posited in ascendant/eighth, causes boil

· sixth lord related to Rahu/Ketu positioned in ascendant the native might endure from boil

· Saturn, Mars and Jupiter positioned in 4th, the native might have lingering boils in addition to coronary heart issues




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