Nuclear Fusion Reactor and Platonic Solids

Nuclear Fusion Reactor and Platonic Solids

The primary concept for a nuclear fusion reactor is a resonance of laser rays and another elementary particles torrents with the nucleus of a hydrogen atom. The proportion of the resonance could also be strange, golden or harmonic – 1/2, 2/3, 3/5, and so on or 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29 and so forth. Harmonics are ratios of distant Fibonacci numbers. The variety of the harmonic is the variety of steps between Fibonacci numbers it compares. Every harmonic is the sum of the earlier two.

The construction of the reactor needs to be created by Platonic Solids. A dice is its foundation. A dodecahedron and an icosahedron needs to be described round it and an octahedron and tetrahedron ought to entered inside. The faces of the polyhedrons needs to be used for a round electrical present with a perpendicular magnetic vector to the middle. To compress plasma to the utmost stage from all instructions evenly. The vertices – for lasers and emitters. A dice is earth, particles, a tetrahedron is fireplace, mild. An octahedron is twin to a dice, a tetrahedron is twin to itself.

A torr reactor is feasible too, however it will need to have a 12 part (or 12xn) cycle like zodiac or another polygon like decagon as a foundation for its rhythm. As a result of and not using a cycle rhythm plasma is unstable. It runs away from any magnetic traps. Vitality does not like varieties for it’s formless by nature and varieties are its reverse. Plasma or fireplace is a component of freedom and creativity. It’ll work solely when it needs it itself. Like Sagittarius, a fireplace zodiac signal. One of the simplest ways to manage plasma is to let it freely go away in a jet. Alongside a laser ignition ray. On a spaceship or an airplane.

Six laser rays, symmetrical round one central empty channel, work as a pump. They will push on any elementary particles or substances. For instance, nuclear gas to a small however efficient uranium or plutonium reactor, compressing it to the temperature, wanted for the ignition of a sequence response. The development of the reactor needs to be the identical as for fusion – Platonic Solids.

Laser pump can be utilized in an annihilation photon engine too. For the transportation of anti-matter to the main target of a paraboloid, which displays parallel rays of sunshine. Antimatter may be produced in a reverse course of by the crossing of highly effective laser rays at a catalyst substance in a Platonic Solids magnetic lure. Then it may be gathered in it and conserved for future use in area. Distant from ordinary sources of power. Such an accumulator is way more efficient than every other. And can open for photon ships all planets of our system with their wealthy pure assets for economical use. Main mankind from an remoted planet to the closest area and getting ready the subsequent stage of technological evolution – the invention of astral starships. Leaping on to different stars by means of multidimensional area.

This teleportation phenomenon requires a really excessive power degree in a really small area. For power is the supply of matter, its condensation, and may revert substance again from bodily state to aetheral and astral, mild. Which is a multidimensional simplex, projected to the tetrahedron of electromagnetic waves. Its vertices are photons going away from one another with equal speeds when it grows correctly in accordance with the idea of relativity. The dice is bodily area. The dodecahedron is closest to the sphere of all actual bodily fields and is condensed power, become substance on the creation of the universe. Quarks are triangular faces of polyhedrons. Abnormal particles are projections of divine multidimensional mild to our human three-dimensional bodily world.

Teleportation breakthrough wants a carbon fusion response as in stars on the second stage of their improvement. Such fusion reactor wants annihilation of antimatter in a single focus of a stationary ellipsoid reactor. The opposite focus is for focus of sunshine power, mirrored from its inside floor, and ignition of fusion. Quarks as major particles are near major refined power degree and may be influenced by a refined power generator throughout the teleportation leap. Forming a five-dimensional astral channel, which lastly opens area for the wanted distant connection of three-dimensional areas of various stars. By way of the sunshine simplex as a photon ray or a quark torrent, which in astral is similar.

The most effective type of an area ship is prompted by a Platonic Stable too. It’s a double tetrahedron, two tetrahedrons with one widespread face. Remodeled for higher streamlining within the environment. The fist one pulled ahead, the second diminished. The underside can work as a wing, although wings are added to it too. The rigidity of triangles and tetrahedrons make this construction secure and secure. It may be used for planes or pace vehicles too. In addition to speed-boats. Or for a common automobile, combining all these in a single. An orbit area station will probably be inflexible and secure if made as a icosahedron, resulting from triangles in its faces. It’s near sphere too and may assist any spherical floor. Hemi-icosahedron – a roof. A dodecahedron can function a construction of a cross-country automobile wheel. With broad contact floor and versatile ribs. Tetrahedron can be utilized in structure to assist ordinary cubic constructions from inside to make them extra inflexible and excessive.

Platonic Solids had been utilized by God to create the universe, galaxies and stars. They represent the very basis of area. Compact packing of spheres is an icosahedron (1+12=13) and its second layer is a dodecahedron (1+20=21). These are Fibonacci numbers, the seventh and the eighth, their ratio is a golden proportion 13/21 or 12/20=3/5. They describe plasma in a reactor, or a star or an atomic explosion. The middle is Solar, fireplace or condensed plasma itself, the seventh quantity is Saturn, compression, condensation and construction or type of the reactor, earth, the eighth quantity is Uranus, decentralization, explosion, burst or sizzling gasoline, air. The third layer is the ninth quantity, Neptune, liquid, water, for cooling and transmission of warmth. The fourth layer is the tenth quantity, Pluto, transformation of power into one other sort, or new fireplace, e.g. electromagnetic present or mild. Astrology prompts qualities of area constructions as a result of it’s astral logic, or the science of a five-dimensional area. And astral, Mars, is a key to any motion, or interplay, or projection of areas. Astrology is proved by logic and details a minimum of every other science and have the proper to exist and to cooperate with arithmetic and physics in any analysis.

Platonic Solids describe and enter the orbits of planets, their correspondence to parts is defined by correspondence of those planets to zodiac indicators. Tetrahedron is between Mars and Jupiter (astral and aether), which rule Aries and Sagittarius, indicators of fireplace, so it’s fireplace itself. The earlier planet, Saturn, symbolize three-dimensional bodily world. Dimensions develop with the numbers of planets counted from Pluto to Solar. Aether has 4 dimensions, astral – 5, psychological aircraft, Venus and Mercury (creativeness and ideas)- seven and eight, non secular world, Solar, – 9. Earth, consciousness or soul, is near Venus. Moon as instinct, when it’s full, is near Mars, astral aircraft. Geocentric Solar is six-dimensional as a substitute of Earth. Uranus is a two-dimensional floor of sphere, which is the type of all fields and waves. Neptune is its one-dimensional radius. Pluto is its middle, zero. The primary two dimensions belong to microcosm, elementary particles and quantum mechanics. These planets are invisible just like the world they describe. That is goal actuality, given to us in our senses. Very important subjective area begins to develop two steps later. Saturn is a zero-dimensional area of lifeless stones. Jupiter – a one-dimensional area of vegetation. Mars – a two-dimensional aircraft of animals. Earth is the three-dimensional world of males. Venus, Mercury, Solar imply 4, 5 and 6- dimensional non secular worlds of angels, archangels and God.

With out non secular philosophy, idealism science cannot be understood. Materialists manipulate formulation and geometrical constructions abstractly, although all of them correspond to actuality. Similar to multi-dimensional area, described and calculated however not believed. Telepathy proves existence of non-physical fields so we should conclude existence of non-physical worlds and show it by additional experiments. The simplest technique to test all of it up is astrological evaluation of 1’s private horoscope. If astrology works, astral exists in addition to non secular world and faith is true.

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