Beginning Time Rectification: WikiLeak’s Julian Assange

Beginning Time Rectification: WikiLeak’s Julian Assange

I’ve put collectively a start time rectification for Julian Assange that I really feel has quite a lot of benefit and potential. Julian Assange was born on July 3, 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia (official start time unknown).

We at all times start the rectification course of by discovering a powerful place to begin with an indication on the Ascendant. After researching many articles and interviews with Assange, I felt two very robust prospects for his Ascendant signal: Aquarius or Sagittarius.

Assange has been described as: tall and lanky, nomadic, cynical, bizarre, elusive, cautious, paranoid, extremely mental, non-conformist, having altruistic motives, charming but cagey, forgetful, and masking particulars about his life.

This description lends robust corroboration for Sagittarius rising, coloured by its ruler Jupiter in Scorpio sitting within the twelfth home, and receiving a decent conjunction from natal Neptune. Additional, Assange’s Moon in Scorpio would additionally fall into the twelfth home, an ideal placement for a person who works “behind-the-scenes.” The natal Solar can be located within the eighth home reinforcing his elusive nature and hard-to-reach persona. That was sufficient to persuade me of a powerful place to begin for the start time rectification course of.

Now I needed to discover unequivocal corroboration from Photo voltaic Arcs and outer planet transits to the Angles of the horoscope (or to the natal Solar or Moon) throughout main life occasions. Every part wants to suit all through his life growth. The horoscope must sing from start all through the current.

Assange was born into home upheaval. A childhood and life-style just about described as Tom Sawyer. No point out of his organic father. Throughout the first 6 months of his life in 1971, his bohemian single mom moved with Julian to Magnetic Island in Australia. As she described, “residing in a bikini and going native with my child and different mums on the island.”

Working with my proposed start time of three:01 PM (Ascendant 2 Sagittarius 16, Midheaven 20 Leo 13), transiting Neptune was conjunct the Ascendant and transiting Saturn was opposed the Ascendant in 1971, with Photo voltaic Arc (SA) Saturn opposed the Ascendant (actual February 1972).

Shortly after turning age one (roughly round August/September 1972; actual date unknown), his mom married with SA Midheaven opposed Mars (November 1972) and SA Neptune conjunct Ascendant (February 1973).

4 years later in 1976 (age 4 or 5), the household moved again to Magnetic Island with SA Jupiter conjunct Ascendant (September 1976).

In 1979 at age 8, his mom left her husband to start out a tumultuous relationship with a musician. The Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon was opposed the Midheaven, and transiting Uranus was sq. the Midheaven in 1979.

This new relationship gave start to a child boy (born c. 1980 or 1981), nonetheless in 1982 when Julian was 11 years previous, the connection with the musician was over. Julian’s mom feared that the daddy would take her child from her, so she instructed Julian, “Now we have to disappear.” They went into hiding in 1982 (shifting again once more to Magnetic Island) and lived on the run for the following 5 years. In 1982, SA Midheaven was sq. Neptune, SA Mars was sq. the Ascendant, and transiting Uranus was conjunct the Ascendant.

In 1987, they stopped residing on the run. After turning age 16 in 1987, Julian started his early skilled life “hacking” computer systems with transiting Pluto conjunct his Scorpio Moon.

In 1989, at age 17, Julian fell in love with a sixteen-year previous girlfriend, moved right into a squatter’s union in Melbourne collectively, till they discovered she was pregnant (April ’89). When Julian was 18 in 1989 they married in an unofficial ceremony, and gave start to a son on January 26, 1990 in Melbourne. Transiting Neptune and transiting Saturn had been opposed Julian’s natal Solar all through 1989.

Issues hit on September 29, 1991 when Julian was arrested for hacking computer systems. Over the following few months in 1991, his spouse took their son and left Julian. The next yr in 1992, Julian plead responsible to costs and was fined. It is usually reported that he had an emotional breakdown, fell right into a despair, and was hospitalized in 1992. In 1991 and 1992, transiting Pluto was sq. the Midheaven for an prolonged transit. Transiting Uranus was opposed his natal Solar in 1991.

In 1993 and 1994, Julian was working as a pc programmer in Melbourne. The next yr in 1995, Julian wrote “Strobe,” a free open-source port scanner. As effectively in December 1995, he was arrested and fined once more. The Photo voltaic Arc Moon was conjunct Neptune within the twelfth home (actual August 1995). Transiting Pluto was approaching conjunction along with his Ascendant (first hit actual January 10, 1996).

Beginning round 1997 (ultimate hit, tr. Pluto conjunct Ascendant), Assange co-invented the Rubberhose deniable encryption system. He initially supposed the system for use “as a instrument for human rights staff who wanted to guard delicate knowledge within the subject.” Transiting Uranus was sq. the Moon, and SA Moon was conjunct the Ascendant.

In 1999 (age 27/28), after a prolonged custody battle over the previous seven years, Julian lastly settled in court docket on a baby custody settlement along with his spouse. It was additionally in 1999, that Julian registered the area title,, though at the moment he didn’t begin something with it. SA Mercury was conjunct the Midheaven. Transiting Saturn was opposed his Moon.

It was shortly after settling the custody court docket circumstances that his hair (which had been darkish brown) began to lose its shade and turned prematurely gray. Assange was burned out and motorcycled throughout Vietnam, holding varied jobs to earn cash as a pc guide with a purpose to help his son. In 2000, transiting Uranus had been opposed his Midheaven, SP Moon was conjunct his Ascendant, and SA Uranus was conjunct his Moon.

From 2003 via 2006, Julian studied physics and arithmetic on the College of Melbourne, though he by no means graduated.

It was in 2006 that he began to formulate his concepts for WikiLeaks, barricading himself in a home close to the college to start the work. WikiLeaks was launched in December 2006 posting its first doc with the SP Moon opposed the Midheaven, and transiting Saturn conjunct the Midheaven.

In 2007, he left Australia completely, and went to Kenya for a number of months. Assange claims to have swung the Kenyan presidential election in 2007 by exposing corruption on the highest ranges. Whereas in Kenya, staying inside a guarded compound in Nairobi, six males with weapons entered the compound however fled when Assange began shouting alerting the safety workforce. He was certain they had been after him as he says, “there was not anybody else value visiting within the compound.” Transiting Neptune was opposed his Midheaven all through 2007.

In 2009, he acquired the Amnesty Worldwide UK Media Award for his work in Kenya. SA Solar opposed Node (October 2008), SA Uranus sq. Node (December 2009).

On March 30, 2010, he moved to Iceland the place he rented a home to run his operation. In April 2010, his most explosive leak: a secret video shot by an American assault helicopter of Iraqi civilians being killed in chilly blood. SA Midheaven was conjunct Pluto (actual March 2010).

In June 2010, pentagon officers had been looking for his whereabouts with SA Ascendant sq. Uranus (July 2010). In November 2010, Interpol positioned Assange on its purple discover checklist of wished individuals with the primary hit of transiting Saturn sq. his Solar.


Additional corroboration for a start time round 3:01 PM:

Natal Mars conjunct North Node in Aquarius, angular opposed the Midheaven: “Assange preaches [Sagittarius Ascendant] a radical democracy that’s taking on-line activism into a brand new and uncharted territory.”

Natal Saturn in Gemini opposed his Ascendant: his youthful face, his untimely gray hair, his cautious nature, his humorousness, his enterprise of communications. His mom’s description of him as a baby taken from the Herald Solar newspaper, “He was a stunning boy, very delicate, good with animals, quiet and has a depraved humorousness.”

Corroboration utilizing Sabian Symbols, taken from Blain Bovee’s ebook, The Sabian Symbols & Astrological Evaluation:

Ascendant 3 Sagittarius: “The ocean coated with whitecaps:”

“Apply this degree-pair with a thoughts to an consciousness of deeper points mendacity under the floor look; the motives for obvious generosity; suspicions about being fooled. Watch disguises. Be alert for gifting anonymously; stealth underneath cowl; organizations that put on the hat of charity. A knack for detecting undercurrents.”

Midheaven 21 Leo: “Chickens intoxicated:”

“Dispelling notions of being the chosen one; Consider the consequences of poison: one drop induces a therapeutic disaster; an excessive amount of of the flawed poison actually takes the life out of a dream, and typically actually takes a life. Be alert for youthful, naïve illusions; mature and sober views; issues that flip bitter; issues that soar past inhibitions.”

Moon 8 Scorpio: “The Moon shining throughout a lake:”

“Apply this degree-pair with a thoughts to the intelligent guile to slide round a difficulty; to retrieve a misplaced matter. Take into account slippery tales; slippery slopes that may get one into deep water; mere reflections of the reality; being forward of 1’s time; forward of the regulation; intelligent delays and diversions; fast wits; discovering forgotten treasure; smoothing over frictions; a moonshine way of thinking.”

Julian Assange describes himself because the type of one that he says, “can hack into probably the most subtle pc system. However can neglect to point out up for an interview. Or cancel on the final minute.” Sounds to me like a Sagittarius Ascendant with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant ruler, Jupiter in Scorpio within the twelfth home.

Life occasions match the proposed start time, and the horoscope begins to sing.

© copyright, Lauren Delsack, December 2010

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