What In Ravana’s Horoscope Made Him A Ravana – The Epitome Of Intriguing Character?

What In Ravana’s Horoscope Made Him A Ravana – The Epitome Of Intriguing Character?

Ravanais the first antagonist character of the Hindu legend, the Ramayana, who’s the king of Lanka. Within the traditional textual content, he’s primarily depicted negatively. This depiction is, nevertheless incomplete with out, open to different traits of his trait. Ravana is described as a religious follower of Lord Shiva, a terrific scholar, a succesful ruler, and a well-known alchemist, a wonderful astrologer, having very uncommon data of medication, an occult persona and having a deep understanding of music.

Horoscope of Ravana:

Ascendant: Libra

1st home: Saturn, Moon [in Libra]

2nd home: — none

third home: — none

4th home: Mars [in Capricorn]

fifth home: — none

sixth home: Venus, mercury [in Pieces]

seventh home: Solar [in Aries]

eighth home: — none

ninth home: — none

tenth home: Jupiter [in Cancer]

eleventh home: — none

twelfth home: — none

Totally different yoga’s current within the horoscope:

  • Chatussagara yoga:

All of the 4 quadrants are occupied by the planets. Within the Ravana’s horoscope all of the quadrants are occupied by the planets.

  • Shash yoga:

Saturn in its personal/exaltation register quadrant. Within the horoscope the Saturn is exalted in ascendant.

  • Ruchak yoga:

Mars in personal /exaltation register quadrant. Within the horoscope Mars is exalted in 4th home.

  • Hans yoga:

Jupiter is personal/exaltation register quadrant. Within the horoscope the Jupiter is exalted in tenth home.

  • Vipareet raj yoga:

Lords of sixth/eighth/twelfth positioned in sixth/eighth/twelfth homes.

Within the Ravana horoscope the lord of eighth home is Venues and the lord of twelfth home is Mercury positioned collectively in sixth home.

  • Gaj-kesari yoga:

Jupiter in personal/exaltation signal is being positioned quadrant to the Moon. Within the horoscope the Jupiter is in exaltation and positioned tenth from the Moon.

  • Saraswati yoga:

Jupiter in Exalted /personal signal positioned in quadrant/trine. Within the horoscope the Jupiter is exalted in tenth home.

  • Amla yoga:

The tenth from the ascendant/Moon ought to be occupied by a benefice. Within the horoscope the tenth from ascendant/Moon is Jupiter which is a benefice in addition to in exaltation.

  • Nichabhanga raj yoga:

If a planet in its debilited signal and the lord of that debilited register personal/exalted signal and positioned in quadrant/trine from ascendant/Moon. Within the horoscope the Mercury is debilited within the sixth home however the lord of sixth home i.e. Jupiter is exalted within the tenth home from the ascendant/Moon.

Highlights of the horoscope:


  • The ascendant-sign and the Moon signal is identical i.e. Libra.
  • Moon is posited in ascendant with exalted Saturn, made Ravana a really notable and extremely commendable ruler of the nation.
  • Saturn is exalted in ascendant exhibits his merciless, aggressive and smug nature but additionally displays his nice curiosity for occult sciences and supernatural powers.
  • Lord of ascendant Venus is exalted, thus he loved a really luxurious, materialistic and cozy life.
  • Moon is badly stricken by Saturn making the character of Ravana very merciless however a realized, a Tantric [soccer], a Shiva devotee and an individual of extremely manipulative political data.
  • Affliction to Moon current many disgraceful moments in his life.
  • Mixture of Moon and Saturn makes Punarphoo yoga, which offered many obstacles in his life.
  • Lord of ascendant Venus within the exaltation signal, exhibits his uncommon musical skills.

4th home:

  • Exalted Mars in 4th home, made Ravana a really nice warrior and proprietor of the affluent and rich kingdom of the Lanka.
  • Ravanawas admired for his enormous data of weapons and sorcery due to his robust Mars.

seventh home:

  • Exalted Solar posited in seventh home, the Ravana confronted many highly effective enemies in his complete life.
  • Lord of the seventh home Mars is exalted in 4th home, he was attracted in the direction of many lady in his life.
  • seventh home being stricken by Moon, Saturn and Solar is liable for his sexual disasters.
  • Exalted Venus in sixth home, signifies he was believed to have bodily relations with many ladies whom he had captured within the battles

ninth home:

  • Lord of ninth home Mercury is debilited and posited in sixth home, he was the reason for downfall of his complete dynasty and shame for his ancestors.
  • Debilited mercury hampered his intelligence and he himself selected the trail of self-destruction.
  • Mercury within the sixth home signifies, he took many unhealthy or improper choices in his life.

tenth home:

  • Jupiter posited in tenth home, made him religious in nature. He carried out many tough and uncommon sermonises and rituals to please many deities.




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