Urogenital Issues in Astrology

Urogenital Issues in Astrology

Urogenital is a time period used for the urinary and genital organs. Urology is the department of medication involved with the urinary tract in each genders and the genital tract or reproductive system within the male. Urologists are physicians who specialize within the prognosis and remedy of situations associated to the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs.

The Urogenital issues could embody many ailments like kidney incompetence or failure, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate enlargement, and bladder management issues. The issues within the urogenital system could also be attributable to genetic abnormalities, ageing, sickness, damage, air pollution and so on.

Astrological prediction of urogenital issues within the native’s life is feasible by rigorously analysing his horoscope

Elements chargeable for urogenital issues

· Moon/4th home: genito and urinary derangements, testicles

· Mars: irritation, infections

· Mercury: genito urinary issues

· Jupiter: degeneration, diabetes

· Venus: suppression of urine, venereal complaints

· Saturn/Rahu: obstruction to the metabolism course of, chronicle ailments

· Signal Virgo/sixth home: venereal ailments

· Signal Libra/seventh home: nephritis, renal troubles, calculi, and uriters

· Signal Scorpio/eighth home: bladder, testicles

Completely different combos for urogenital issues

· Venus posited in sixth/eighth/twelfth or related to the lord of sixth creates genital issues

· Lords of ascendant and sixth related to Mercury and Rahu, genital issues are indicated

· Venus, Saturn and Mars positioned in seventh

· Venus in seventh aspected by Saturn and Mars

· Lord of ascendant is posited in sixth and the sixth lord is related to Mercury, chance of getting urological issues

· Lord of sixth, Mercury and Rahu posited in ascendant, creates drawback in urogenital organs

· Lord of sixth and Mars positioned collectively with out having the affect of any benefice planet causes genital issues

· Moon is in water signal [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces], and lord of the Moon signal is positioned in sixth and aspected by Mercury / every other planet, of water signal, creates urological issues.

· Lords of 4th and seventh posited in sixth/eighth/twelfth

· Lords of 4th and seventh positioned in inimical indicators and aspected by malefic

· Lord of third, Mercury and Mars positioned in ascendant

· Lord of sixth/seventh related to lord of twelfth and aspected by Saturn, signifies Urogenital issues

· Lord of third, Mercury, Mars and Saturn positioned on ascendant, renal calculi is feasible

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