Southern Hemisphere Astrology – Rulers and Homes of the Indicators

Southern Hemisphere Astrology – Rulers and Homes of the Indicators

The attributes of the indicators (Western) or rashis (Vedic) is probably the most advanced situation for Southern Hemisphere astrology. To find out the attributes of the indicators, we should analyze how the Western and Vedic traditions assigned their attributes within the Northern Hemisphere. If we apply the identical logic to the Southern Hemisphere, we are able to decide the qualities of the indicators/rashis.

We see that every signal/rashi obtains its attributes from 5 roots:

  • Constellation
  • Home/Bhava
  • Mode
  • Planetary Ruler
  • Ingredient

After we view the zodiac from the Southern Hemisphere, we instantly see that the constellations and pure homes are reversed. The signal containing the vernal equinox is related to the first home. The subsequent signal is related to the 2nd home, and so forth. Libra (Thula) is the vernal equinox within the Southern Hemisphere, so Libra is the first home, whereas Aries (Mesha) is the seventh. Capricorn (Makara) is the 4th home, Most cancers (Karkata) the tenth. So our first conclusion is that the constellation and homes are reversed or reverse. The three different elementary roots (mode, ruler, component) should align with both the constellation or the home.

We observe the lucky symmetry of mode. Cardinal indicators stay cardinal. If an indication is on an equinox or solstice within the Northern Hemisphere, it’s on a cardinal level within the Southern Hemisphere. The identical symmetry applies to the mounted and mutable indicators. The hemisphere makes no distinction in mode. Our second conclusion is that there isn’t any change in mode. The task of cardinal, mounted, and mutable modes stays the identical as within the Northern Hemisphere.

We should give extra thought, nonetheless, to the planetary rulers of the indicators. The ancients assigned planetary rulers in line with seasons. The luminaries (Sol/Surya and Luna/Chandra) had been assigned the indicators/rashis of biggest warmth. The opposite planets had been assigned rulerships transferring outward in Ptolemaic order (Mercury/Buddha, Venus/Sukra, Mars/Mangala, Jupiter/Guru, Saturn/Sani) till Saturn/Sani (and Uranus) had been assigned to the coldest months. If we do that within the Southern Hemisphere, we begin by assigning Luna rulership over Capricorn and Sol rulership over Aquarius. Mercury has rulership over Sagittarius and Pisces. We proceed till Saturn (Western) has rulership over Most cancers, Uranus over Leo, and Sani (Vedic) over Karkata and Simha. Our subsequent conclusion is that planetary rulership is related to the home, not the constellation.

If we briefly ignore component, we see that the one distinction between Southern and Northern Hemisphere indicators is a reversal of the constellation. Thus, the primary home, Mars-ruled, cardinal signal (rashi) is Libra, not Aries. We have to combine the symbolism of the Scales to that of Mars, the first home, and cardinal mode to outline Libra. The ultimate, and most intriguing root, nonetheless, is the component. Would Libra (Thula) be air or fireplace within the Southern Hemisphere? That is probably the most controversial facets of Southern Hemisphere indicators/rashis.

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