Sexual Looking in Astrology

Sexual Looking in Astrology

Essentially the most highly effective of all drives in man are the instincts for self-preservation, procreation and sensual pleasure. Intercourse is a really emotionally charged topic.

Sadly for most individuals, the essential sexual -urge is a mirrored image of their animal nature.

Sexual searching is likely one of the many causes to create bother in married life. When husband and spouse should not happy in one another and they’re concerned about others to get pleasures.

Components Accountable For Sexual Looking

Signal Libra:passable ends in love affair and conjugal bliss

seventh home from Ascendant/Solar/Moon:represents spouse/husband, marriage, marital happiness, and sexual pleasures.

Moon: feelings, wishes of human thoughts, and provides braveness for passions for intercourse

Venus: significator of spouse in male chart, preserve sexual actions.

Mars:represents martial planet, braveness, ardour for carnal pleasures.

Jupiter: significator for husband in a feminine’s chart.

Saturn; separative in nature

Totally different Combos for Sexual Looking

Signal Libra

1.If signal Libra is owned by Moon and Venus, sexual enchantment enhances. If they’re additional aspected by Rahu/Mars the native will includes in corrupt sexual practices.

2. If Libra signal is owned by 4 or greater than 4 planets home pleasure, cohabitation and conjugal life will get disturbed.

seventh home/lord

1.seventh lord/Venus be conjoined with nodes Rahu/Ketu and aspected by a malefic the native or his spouse might be adulterous in nature.

2.Mars, mercury and Venus in seventh, with no benefice facets and Jupiter will not be in quadrant, render the native passionate and make him search unnatural sources of gratification.

3.Totally different place for seventh lord:

A. In 1st house—the native develop into extremely sexual and attracted in the direction of different girls. And if 1st lord can also be posited in seventh the native will develop into hetro-sexual.

B. In 2nd house—native won’t fulfill along with his spouse.

C. In eighth house—native goes to prostitutes and loves others girls compared to his spouse.

D. In twelfth house— the spouse of the native might be extremely sexual.


1. Bothered Saturn in 4th home, the native will commit incest.

2. Saturn in fifth/seventh home the native will benefit from outdated girls.

3. Saturn with Moon/Venus/Mars offers adulterous nature.

4. Saturn in quadrant in its personal signal/exaltation the native will develop into extremely sexual.


1. Bothered Jupiter in 1st/seventh/tenth/twelfth home, the native might cross any restrict for sexual gratification.

2. Jupiter in sixth home in a male signal makes an individual sensuous


1. Bothered Moon/Venus in ninth, the native will violate his trainer’s mattress.

2. Weak Moon joins a malefic in seventh home, he’ll corrupt a married girls.

3. Moon forming dangerous facet with Venus offers pleasure with others companion.

4. If Moon is within the seventh and debilitated, intercourse relations takes place with maid -servants.

5. Moon in twelfth home in Pisces, the native turns into extremely sexual.


1. Venus in seventh makes one passionate.

2. If Venus in Ascendant with lords of 2nd/seventh/sixth, the native ethical character might be questionable.

3. Venus combines Mars/Rahu or aspected by them native can have unlawful connections.

4. Bothered Venus and Mercury in seventh, make the native inclined in the direction of secret pleasures.


1. Mars in eighth /ninth/twelfth homes, the sexual-urge will increase many folds.

2. Mars within the seventh home with no benefices facets, intercourse happens with immature ladies.

3. Mars in seventh with Saturn the native might have gay tendencies

Sexual behaviour like animal

1. If Mars and a malefic in seventh home

2. If Solar in seventh and Mars in 4th home

3. If Mars in 4th and Rahu in seventh home

4. If seventh lord is aspected by Venus occupying an indication of Mars

5. Malefic in three of quadrants

4th home occupied by lords of 2nd/seventh/tenth, the native will at all times hunt after one other lady.




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