Raj Bhang Yoga – Damaging Cancellation Elements Within the Horoscope

Raj Bhang Yoga – Damaging Cancellation Elements Within the Horoscope

What’s Raj bhang yoga?

The yoga that cancels the useful results of raj yoga and another constructive yoga is named Raj bhang yoga. Some raj yogas current within the horoscope usually are not experiential and fruitful, due to some unfavourable and cancellation components hidden within the delivery chart.

Elements answerable for Raj bhang yoga

  • Debilitated planets within the chart.
  • Defeated planets (defeated in planetary struggle)
  • Planets posited in inimical homes.
  • Retrograde planets
  • Combust planets
  • Planets related to the Nodes.
  • Weak planets
  • sixth/eighth/twelfth home/lord
  • Raja Bhang Yogas

Combos for Raj bhang yoga


  • Lord of ascendant posited in twelfth, and Moon and Mars mixed in tenth the native will disadvantaged of all worldly pleasures and leads a lonely life in international land.
  • Equal variety of Malefic posted in ascendant and 7thnot aspected by Jupiter Can also be Raja Yoga Bhang.
  • Lord of ascendant positioned in 2nd/fifth from Moon, Solar is posited in tenth and a malefic positioned in eighth, and signifies stay hood by means of low degree work.
  • If Aquarius is the ascendant and Jupiter mixed with Rahu.
  • Three planets within the chart are in debilitation with no planet in exaltation causes Raj bhang yoga.
  • Rahu positioned in ascendant and Venus, Mercury and Moon posited in quadrant causes miseries and poverty.
  • Ascendant just isn’t vargottam and never aspected by any planet.
  • Solar, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter positioned in ascendant point out Raj bhang yoga.


  • Solar is in Aries signal however in Libra navamsa signifies poverty in life.
  • Solar is deeply debilitated in Libra signal signifies troubled life.
  • Solar is in its personal navamsa, Moon is aspected by malefic with none benefic affect, even the native born in a royal household has to face extreme poverty and hardship in his life.


  • Moon in ascendant or within the seventh not aspected by Jupiter is Raja bhang yoga.
  • Moon is in tenth, Jupiter positioned in seventh and any malefic planet current in ninth, the native can be explanation for shame for his ancestors.
  • No planet aspecting Moon and ascendant causes miseries in life.
  • Moon and Mars positioned in Aries signal, aspected by Solar and no benefic planet side them makes the individual Bhikshu [homeless monk, eating by begging for alms].

Particular Raj bhang yogas:

Kendrum yoga: when no planet aside from the solar is posited in 2nd/twelfth from the Moon ends in Kendrum yoga which provides utter poverty, battle and psychological pressure to the native.

Sakata yoga: If Jupiter is positioned sixth/eighth from the Moon and Jupiter just isn’t in quadrant or all of the planets positioned in ascendant and seventh home brought on Sakata yoga, which causes paucity of cash and peace in native’s life.

Mahapatak yoga:If Jupiter mixed with a malefic side Moon mixed with Rahu, the individual can be dishonest, unreliable and sinful


  • Lord of ninth is posited in twelfth, lord of twelfth positioned in 2nd and a malefic sitting in third causes Raj bhang yoga.
  • Venus deeply debilitated in Virgo and Jupiter deeply debilitated in Capricorn signifies pressure in life.
  • Debilitated Jupiter posited in ascendant signifies nice downfall in life.




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