Indication of a Violent and an Abusive Husband in Astrology

Indication of a Violent and an Abusive Husband in Astrology

A sample of abusive and violent behaviours by one or each companions in an intimate relationship like marriage, when one individual tries to dominate and management the opposite individual is named home abuse or violence.

In astrology it’s attainable to foretell the chance of the individual you’re at present or are about to turn out to be concerned with, being abusive and violent in nature.

Behaviours and traits of an abusive and violent husband:

  • Bodily aggression [hitting, biting, slapping, kicking etc]
  • Verbal abuse
  • Unfavourable perspective towards girls
  • Jealousy
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Blame-shifting for Issues
  • Monetary deprivation of the spouse.
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Cruelty in the direction of Kids
  • Sexual Violence or marital rape

Components chargeable for violent and abusive husband:

Ascendant: Physique, thoughts and behavior of the native

sixth home: Enemies, litigation, wounds, ill-fame, ill-luck, dishonour, nervousness

seventh home: Social standing, sex-relations, life accomplice,

eighth home: Litigation, sex-relations, nervousness and reason behind loss of life, intercourse organs

twelfth home: sub-conscious fears or guilt, resentments or hates, past-life karma, probably damaging secrets and techniques, secret enemies or saboteurs, secret plots, secret motives, suppressed data,

Moon: inferiority complexes, advanced interpersonal weaknesses, emotional instabilities, emotional frustration and blockages

Jupiter: significator of husband

Venus: sexual pleasure, materials comforts, incestuous, an adulterer, scandalous, free folks, a imply lazy companion,

Mars: brutally violent, aggressive, homicide, violence, riots, fires, guidelines one’s sexuality, sexual vitality, accidents and surgical procedures, assertive and daring by nature.

Saturn: obstruction, dejection, excessive self-discipline, problematic nature, lack of tact and sensitivity, lack of consideration, extreme self-interest

Rahu: nasty and fluctuating mood, harsh speech, falsehood, sin, psychological sickness, issues from partner,

Ketu: uncontrollable nature, devious, malefic, terrible

Completely different mixture for an abusive and violent husband:


  • Mars, in astrology is chargeable for jealousy, anger, lust, aggression and violence. Mars simply has a number of harmful energy. Mars is chargeable for violent behaviour in a person.
  • Mars posited in 1st/2nd/4th/seventh/twelfth home, produces the Mangal- Dosha which is a way or the opposite involved with marital disputes and home violence
  • Mars aspecting seventh home/lord, signifies an aggressive and violent accomplice.
  • Mars-Saturn-Rahu mixture confers hostile and violent traits.
  • Mars posited in seventh home and aspected/related by Saturn, the decrease animal nature of the husband is apparent, leading to anger, vindictiveness, stubbornness, resentment and an unforgiving nature, there will be sorrow and dejection by the husband.

seventh home/signal Libra:

  • seventh home/lord is in Aries signal/Scorpio signal /aspected or related by Mars, point out violent and aggressive nature of the partner.
  • Placement of fiery/separative nature planets, like Solar, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu/Ketu in seventh home signifies the violent nature of the partner.
  • Scorpion in seventh home related to nodes.
  • Venus and Rahu positioned in seventh
  • 6/8 placement of lords of ascendant and seventh home.
  • Lord of ascendant /seventh related to nodes/useful malefic
  • Side of not less than two retrograde planets on seventh home signifies violent nature of the partner.
  • Affiliation/side of Saturn on the seventh home, conflicts might occur in married life which will be violent in nature. Main conflicts in marital life is indicated throughout Saturn transit
  • Ketu on the seventh home, there may be unhappiness in married life and the partner might have additional marital affairs.
  • Saturn and Rahu, Solar and Mars, Mars and Rahu mix in seventh home signifies home violence.

eighth home/signal Scorpio:

  • Scorpio/eighth home have warlike qualities and is extra about home violence and household disputes. It informs us in regards to the probabilities of divorce and break up within the marital lifetime of the native.
  • eighth home reveals the peak of hindrance the natives may face in her married life and in partnerships.
  • eighth home/lords signify genital organs, when stricken, leading to sexual incompetence, additional enhances the violent nature of the accomplice.

twelfth home:

  • Afflictions to the twelfth home might trigger an immoral sexual life, leading to home violence.
  • Mars and Saturn in twelfth home create issues in perspective and co-operation is to be anticipated.
  • Mars in twelfth home will increase the need for intercourse however reduces the satisfaction degree, leading to additional marital affairs inflicting home issues.


  • or weak Jupiter reveals egocentric nature of married accomplice.
  • Moon is in disharmonious side with Jupiter signifies dissatisfaction in married life.
  • Jupiter stricken by Mars-Saturn-Rahu signifies shrewd intelligence, ignorance, over-indulgence and self-esteem of the husband.


  • 6/8 placement of Venus and Moon signifies disputes in married life.
  • Rahu conjunct Venus offers an erratic, uncontrollable partner.
  • Venus and Mercury in seventh, makes the accomplice inclined in the direction of secret pleasures, leading to his abusive nature.
  • Venus conjunct by Mars signifies issues in marital life together with violence involving the partner.
  • If seventh lord is aspected by Venus occupying an indication of Mars, signifies the animal-sexual instincts of the husband.




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