Components Accountable For Infertility and Impotency in Astrology

Components Accountable For Infertility and Impotency in Astrology

Infertility is the lack to provide offspring whereas impotence is a state of sexual dysfunctions or dysfunctions of the reproductive system. These circumstances could also be current in a single or each accomplice. Genetic, medication, hormonal, life-style, poor well being, psychological, and faulty genitalia are components accountable for impotence, infertility and sterility within the native.

Components accountable for infertility and impotence

Moon: psychological power, motion of important forces within the physique like physique’s fluids, blood and lymph. Feminine reproductive capabilities being pregnant, nursing, menopause, main indicator of fertility

Mars: acute sickness, elevated physique metabolism, venereal ailments

Solar: denotes constitutional vigour and metabolism

Venus: reproductive organs, sexual actions

Saturn: chronicle ailments, weakening metabolic powers, retention and deposits of poisons, sluggish perform of physique components, hypo functioning of endocrine glands, coldness, and obstruction

Signal Libra: signifies sexual pleasures, generative organs seventh home: sensuous enjoyment, intercourse wishes, non-public organs, well being of the accomplice

Ascendant: basic psychological and bodily skills

Combos for infertility

· Solar in even signal and moon in odd signal associated to one another

· Saturn in even signal and mercury in odd signal associated to one another

· Solar in even signal and mars in odd signal associated to one another

· Ascendant and moon each in odd signal and are affected by mars posited within the even signal

· Moon in odd signal and mercury in even signal, each aspected by the Mars

· Venus, Moon, ascendant are in male indicators

· Venus in sixth/eighth/twelfth/home or with sixth lord induces infertility within the native

· Lords of sixth and ascendant are with Mercury and Rahu, exhibits downside in generative components

· Venus in seventh home aspected/related by Saturn and Mars, infertility is indicated.

· Ascendant is in sixth home and lord’s of the sixth home is with Mercury, the native can be infertile.

· Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all within the eighth home signifies infertility

· Mars is in seventh home aspected by Saturn

· Mars and Saturn are located collectively within the seventh home

· Mercury be part of ascendant in affiliation with the lords of the sixth and eighth signifies the native might undergo from incurable sexual ailments leading to infertility.

Combos for Impotence

· Mars in Libra signifies issues to sexual organs, displeasure within the mattress.

· Mars and Solar / Mars and Rahu in Libra point out disturbed pleasure and illness in generative organs.

· 4 planets in Libra signifies sexual incompetency

· Weak and troubled Venus in seventh home signifies both spouse can be barren or husband could also be impotent

· Mars with a malefic posited in seventh home signifies impotency attributable to urinary system

· Saturn and Venus in eighth/tenth with no benefice side induces impotency

· Saturn in melancholy in sixth or twelfth home

· Saturn is sixth/twelfth from Venus

· Saturn is posited twelfth from the Venus

· Moon in Libra aspected by Mars, Rahu, and Saturn, the native can be impotent

· Ascendant in its personal home and aspecting Venus being posited in seventh home signifies impotency

· Moon and Saturn posited in 4th or tenth from Mars signifies impotency

· Lord of sixth home is related to Mercury and Rahu and ascendant’s lord is expounded to them in any manner

· sixth lord, Mars and Saturn posited in Gemini/Virgo ascendant, solely the male accomplice can be impotent

· The lord of seventh joins the sixth home with Venus signifies native’s spouse can be frigid

· sixth lord posited in Gemini/Virgo ascendant and aspected / related by Mercury signifies each accomplice can be impotent




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