Astrology of Early Widowhood

Astrology of Early Widowhood

Widowhood refers back to the standing of a lady whose partner has died. The state of getting misplaced one’s partner premature is termed as early widowhood.

Early widowhood induces the sensation of melancholy, intense grieve, temper swings, disorientation within the widow and crammed her with the obsessive ideas and emotions concerning the deceased partner.

Early widow hood produces social, cultural, economical, spiritual and ethical constraints within the lady.

Astrological components influencing early widowhood:

  • The planets ruling the homes signifying the wedding.
  • Jupiter as significator for the husband.
  • Venus as significator for marriage.
  • seventh home/signal Libra signifies husband.
  • 2nd home signifies longevity of husband.

Completely different combos for widowhood:

seventh home/lord:

  • Afflictions to 2nd/seventh home/Venus/Jupiter point out early widowhood.
  • Lord of seventh is weak and stricken by Saturn and Mars signifies early widowhood.
  • Debilitated Saturn and Mars affiliate/ features seventh home/lord signifies early widowhood.
  • Lord of seventh features Saturn and Mars signifies disturbed married life and early demise of the partner.
  • seventh home and lord are hammed between malefic planets with none benefic affect.
  • Lord of seventh with Saturn, aspected by Mars.

eighth home/lord:

  • Conjunction of lords of seventh and the eighth within the eighth with malefic features.
  • Rahu and Moon mixed in eighth aspected by malefic.
  • Moon and Rahu in eighth and the lord of the seventh with Saturn aspected by Mars.
  • Lords of ascendant and eighth mixed in twelfth and malefic features over eighth home.


  • Mars being the lord of seventh home and aspected by Saturn signifies early widowhood. But when Jupiter and Moon influences above mixture signifies solely extreme struggling of the husband.
  • Mars positioned in 2nd home, aspected by Saturn and lord of seventh is being posited in sixth/eighth/twelfth home, signifies early demise of the husband.
  • Mars and Saturn mixed in seventh home, and lord of seventh is in debilitated signal signifies lack of partner.


  • Robust Moon/Jupiter posited in 2nd home signifies lengthy lifetime of the partner.
  • To keep away from this yoga treatments for Saturn, Mars and lord of seventh are recommended.

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