Venus-Neptune Elements – "First, You’ve got Gotta Kiss a Lot of Frogs"

Venus-Neptune Elements – "First, You’ve got Gotta Kiss a Lot of Frogs"

“In an effort to discover a prince, you have to kiss a variety of frogs.” This can be a mantra for Venus-Neptune elements, since discovering a dream man or girl to merge with is their compelling quest. In contrast to Venus-Pluto or Venus-Saturn varieties who could flip their again on love after being badly burned, Venus-Neptune of us become involved time and time once more. Discovering the proper love is each their dream and their delusion. Turning into disillusioned with somebody they by no means let themselves see clearly within the first place, they transfer on to a different who triggers their Soul Mate fantasy-and one other and one other.

Frog-kissing can turn into a behavior for them. Many are drawn to people who find themselves wounded or flawed in some tragic approach, believing that they’ll rescue them with their love. They could fall for troubled souls and even for rogues with a coronary heart of gold, sensing their potential. That is partially a less-than-judicious use of Neptune’s compassion, a present for perceiving the unsullied soul that underlies even essentially the most the troubled or harmful persona. The reward is put to raised use within the service professions or in volunteer work, like being a mentor to a troubled teen. Even within the service fields, nevertheless, of us with these elements should take care, lest murky boundary violations happen. Clear boundaries, usually, aren’t the forte of this facet.

AstroDatabase’s biographies present that, because of poor decisions, notables with this facet are a much-wed crew, with 4 marriages not unusual. Director Roger Vadim married 5 instances, together with such glamorous film stars as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda. Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs married 4 instances earlier than settling down with a yoga trainer. Religious trainer, J.Z. Knight, the channel for Ramtha, was married 5 instances finally depend. Larry King remains to be getting married with nice regularity previous 70.

Any listing of the well-known and notorious, after all, is skewed by the pressures-and privileges-of that life fashion. Whereas the divorce fee is now 50% in lots of elements of the nation, it should be 80% in Hollywood. The marital histories of atypical folks with troublesome Venus-Neptune elements aren’t at all times so excessive. Lots of them, in truth, do not depart mates they should, following the counsel of nation singer, the late Tammy Wynette. Wynette’s tune, “Stand by Your Man,” introduced her fame. It will not shock you to search out out she had a detailed Venus-Neptune opposition, with Venus in Pisces. Married 5 instances, she clearly did not comply with her personal recommendation, however her tune triggered a chord in Neptunian girls in all places who equated love with struggling. Within the psyches of Venus-Neptune people, love and ache are generally merged, and there’s the romantic notion that the extra it hurts, the extra certainly it should be an incredible love affair.

Love and Abuse

Wealth, fame, and appears are not any assure of an incredible love life-witness the well-known Venus-Neptune girls locked into abusive relationships. Tina Turner, who has the sq., endured seventeen years of abuse from Ike earlier than getting out. Pamela Anderson, who additionally has the sq., extra shortly bought out of an abusive relationship with Tommy Lee. Loni Anderson, with a sq. between Venus in Most cancers and Neptune in Libra, had a painful marriage and troublesome divorce with Burt Reynolds, who himself has a trine between Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Virgo.

Even the trine does not at all times convey out the very best on this aspect-Nicole Brown Simpson had a trine from Venus in Most cancers to Neptune in Scorpio. Although O.J.’s Venus was 8° from a sq. to his Neptune in Libra, it was conjunct Nicole’s Venus, which tightly squared his Neptune. (Justin Simpson, the son of O.J. and Nicole, has an opposition between Venus and Chiron in Most cancers and Neptune in Capricorn.)

With superstar examples, home violence would seem extra widespread with the sq. than different elements, however it needs to be pressured that no single chart facet will be thought of the signature of such a fancy sample. The whole chart, plus the chart of the accomplice and the way the 2 charts interlock would have to be analyzed. For instance, have a look at the charts of singers Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, proven on the following web page. That they had a stormy, apparently violent relationship, and their home incidents-and the upheavals associated to drug abuse-repeatedly made the information. Whitney has Venus and the Solar conjunct in Leo sq. Neptune in Scorpio within the eighth, whereas Bobby has Venus and Chiron conjunct in Aries in an out-of-sign trine to Neptune in late Scorpio. Within the fall of 2006, Whitney filed for divorce and went to rehab, hopefully to finish her addictions this time.

Once more, different chart options play into the sample. Bobby additionally has Mars in Scorpio conjunct Neptune on one facet and his Scorpio Midheaven on the opposite, with Mars sq. his 1st home Aquarius Solar. His sturdy Mars signifies a unstable mood, particularly given a number of planets in Aries, together with a decent quincunx between Mars and Saturn. In Whitney’s chart, one other indicator of a unstable marriage is the Pluto-Uranus conjunction on her Descendant, opposed by Chiron in Pisces on the Ascendant. Their stormy relationship and its steamy chemistry was cemented by the synastry, most particularly the numerous connections between the planets every has in fastened indicators. Her Leo Solar and Venus oppose his Aquarius Solar. Her Solar squares his Scorpio Mars. Saturn in Aquarius conjuncts his Solar and squares his Mars. She has a detailed Venus-Neptune sq., together with her Neptune precisely on his Midheaven and her Venus sq. it. The Saturn elements between them-her Saturn on his Solar and his Saturn on her Moon and Jupiter-add additional sturdiness and counsel that, in some unfathomable approach, they did give one another a way of safety and stability.

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