Cosmic Phenomena

Cosmic Phenomena

This text raises a number of questions concerning present concepts on non-locality, isomorphism, quantum mechanics, gravity and the acceleration of the universe, together with the chance that para-classical explanations may not be essential in describing the legal guidelines of nature.

With admittedly little perception into the mathematical operations that underscore present interpretations of classical and quantum bodily legal guidelines, this author (having learn quite a few books on the topic) has but ended up confused greater than knowledgeable. A part of the rationale has to do with the writing fashion of author-physicists who, admirably, search to popularize complicated subjects. Whereas some stick with concrete concepts and definitions others lapse into abstractions with no spatial, geometric or experiential basis, i.e. ideas that do not appear to coincide with the world we reside in; for instance multi-verses, time journey and the existence of additional dimensions. Typically unable to deliver their clarification all the way down to earth, they depend on cart-before-the horse mathematical fashions to create reverse decision.

Whereas this methodology is cheap the hypothesis sometimes goes properly past that into areas which may by no means be confirmed or refuted. At occasions it appears of their zeal to uncover a principle of every thing, these thinkers provide you with so many “every-things” as to be left with nothing. On this opinion, science ought to dovetail no less than loosely with widespread sense. In that context, a collection of things is mentioned in concrete phrases about present principle and the character of our world.

On Gravity…

The confusion-driven seek for a principle of quantum gravity is feverish in scientific circles. Confusion outcomes from the truth that on a big scale gravity is lawful with regard to the affect of 1 physique on one other (whereby the extra large physique will draw the much less large one in through an inverse sq. legislation primarily based on the respective mass and distance between the 2). Nevertheless this solely applies to things with mass equal to or past that of an atom. The subatomic (quantum) world acts in another way, significantly concerning massless particles which transfer round seemingly on their very own, impartial of surrounding matter and in a means that makes it inconceivable to trace their place and momentum sequentially.

At face worth this battle begs for decision which is why physicists have sought a principle of gravity that encompasses each Basic Relativity and particle (quantum) physics. However is that this confusion justified?

Do we’d like a principle of quantum gravity?

One might ask: if gravity is a operate of mass and particles comparable to photons and electrons haven’t any mass, why they need to behave as if in a gravitational relationship? How can one thing that “weighs” nothing entice one thing else? As well as, “mass” displays the congestion of particles or atoms inside a physique; for instance uranium, with an excessive density of atoms has larger mass than a extra sparsely congested liquid comparable to water. Because the density of a physique decreases (sooner or later all the way down to a single particle comparable to a quark) it will have much less mass. With just one particle there might be no congestion except the particle itself has inside elements that congeal. Even then, (assuming there exists a root type of matter which can’t be additional damaged down) there must be some extent the place gravity couldn’t pertain as a result of zero mass. In different phrases, gravity is finally a spatial, mathematical composite that can’t exist with out no less than two elements urgent on each other. As an apart, that is one thing to contemplate when discussing the mass of any singularity. Extra particularly, as soon as something is whittled all the way down to a single physique can its info/communicative content material attain some extent the place its implicit redundancy provides as much as zero congestion and 0 mass, regardless of the antecedent “crunching” of various parts that ended up in a singularity?

In that context one might argue that Einstein’s mannequin of gravity is ample; the seek for a quantum/classical mix pointless.

Past that, since each gravity and massless particles journey at mild velocity would not gravitational affect on the particle be canceled out on account of relativity? For instance in the event you journey at 100 mph on a freeway and a wind of 100 mph is dealing with you, your automobile would come to a cease – all issues being equal, and exhibit neither momentum or regression. Alongside the identical strains; gravity would require differentials in mass, acceleration and so on. (one thing that’s mentioned under in time period of Data Principle).

Moreover, celestial our bodies don’t merely adhere to gravitational relationships. All are hurtling via area at monumental speeds. In consequence it is not simply gravity that’s influencing their actions, but additionally momentum, centripetal and centrifugal pressure, inertia or “drafting” (as when a bike owner cuts down on friction by undercutting wind components when using instantly behind a competitor) and the motion/response precept as depicted in Newton’s third legislation of movement – the latter holds that as a physique thrusts ahead it does so into an environment containing some matter (not all of area is a vacuum), which results in a counter-reaction in the other way. Conceivably any and all of those forces are influencing planetary and galactic motion. Is it doable that the acceleration of the universe, in addition to darkish matter might be defined as some juxtaposition of all these influences somewhat than via a single clarification comparable to superstring principle, brane principle or hologram principle?

Eine Gedanke…

One attention-grabbing thought experiment can be to think about gravity’s affect if all our bodies, however mass and distance, had been fully inert: that’s, had no momentum, rotation, or any susceptibility to centripetal, centrifugal forces, drafting, or action-reaction mechanics. Presumably gravity couldn’t exist in such a state as a result of in an inert universe any kind of gravity-induced attraction/collapse would entail a change in momentum, i.e. motion. Thus, if lack of movement cancels out gravitation then one may assume movement is essentially the most important correlate, and even explanation for gravity.


At face worth the notion that particles haven’t any lawfully discernible areas or momenta and may act lawfully solely when noticed appears both bizarre or tautological, relying on one’s perspective. One clarification for this phenomenon (the anthropic precept) holds that the observer is implicitly linked to the bodily world, thus can by no means really be an observer. In different phrases he’s as dependent a variable because the particle being noticed; it’s as if solely God can really be an observer. Different explanations confer with the particle being digital, darting out and in of actuality or parallel universes, thus being past the circumscribed bodily legal guidelines peculiar to our universe. Each explanations elevate the query of why, even when the observer modifications the particle’s conduct, each would not be topic to bodily legal guidelines.

This level has been made way more eloquently. For instance Witten believed the act of observing stimulated particles as a result of the observer’s imaginative and prescient might solely happen by firing photons on the particles (Zimmerman-Jones, Robbins 2014) – leaving the observer in roughly the identical place as somebody bobbing for apples. Others, for instance Bohr, argued in opposition to this concept, stating that the unsure nature of particle conduct is constructed into the particle and nature itself; seemingly mysterious, then once more, maybe not.

Thoughts and Matter…

One strategy to tackle this difficulty is by discussing the format of the human mind. Early Russian analysis, starting with Pavlov, demonstrated the existence of a mind mechanism often called the second sign system. He demonstrated that the twin hemispheric make-up of the cerebral cortex leads us to categorize expertise in two methods: one spatial/materials and one associative i.e. symbolic/linguistic (Windholz 1990). The encoding of the previous onto the latter – very like a card catalogue – enhances not solely our communicative capacities but additionally our reminiscence storage. As an example we do not have to decide to visible reminiscence all gadgets within the sequence… ‘apple’, ‘orange’, ‘pear’, and so on. as a result of we are able to assign the label “fruit” to every and entry all of them by cross reference. As a trite, however maybe amusing apart it seems that by conceptual symbolic thought our brains are capable of override the quantum (particular person, piece by piece) mannequin of nature favored by quantum physicists via nifty, integrative psychological mechanisms.

But whereas this neural mechanism offers a mnemonic and communicative benefit it may additionally result in a hyper-categorization of expertise. That’s the reason Eskimos label a dozen kinds of snow when the truth is the composition of snow is all the time the identical.

If, as a result of that neuropsychological mandate, we can’t break freed from a twin sign system then we can’t conceive of an un-categorical phenomenon like quantum mechanics. Because of the human penchant for categorical drift we’re pressured to attribute the uncertainty of particle conduct to one thing. That “one thing” may need much less to do with actuality than with the evolution of the human mind (which, in spite of everything is designed to outlive, not simply uncover).

In that context one might ask whether or not we even want labels to explain non-locality. Maybe there isn’t a such (materials) “factor” as a photon. Its obvious capability to function as a wave or a particle may actually pertain extra to our cognitive tendencies than to the photon’s nature. Our brains are finite and till we are able to soundly, experimentally confirm a principle (taking into consideration that neither an atom, electron or a photon has ever been noticed) we is likely to be nature via a neuropsychological prism.

The Particle/Wave Duality…

One other difficulty in physics is the obvious twin nature of actuality – extra exactly of matter. In varied contexts a particle can behave like a discrete entity with circumscribed location and movement, but at different occasions exhibit a wave property (which ameliorates its positional options because it seems to attract out and scatter probabilistically). It’s an attention-grabbing high quality that provides to the confusion in scientific circles. As soon as once more, nevertheless this is likely to be defined with Occamesque simplicity.

Contemplate the next speculation. A particle comparable to a photon or electron doesn’t decay. But it has been established that every one programs endure entropy (decay) except they’re replenished periodically by outdoors vitality sources. Even with that, entropy often wins out as a result of passage of time. That’s as a result of, amongst different issues, these outdoors sources are finite and can themselves wind down. Thus, maybe one thing inherent within the particle’s non-entropic high quality can tackle the duality drawback.

One can start by asking why a photon doesn’t decay. One risk is that the underlying supply of entropy is time itself.

An instance involves thoughts. If an individual might stay at a sure age – say 15, in 12 months 1967, and that 12 months prolonged into perpetuity he would by no means age. In that case an outdoor vitality supply can be pointless; first as a result of he would not want it, second as a result of with no time lapse it will be inconceivable for “new” vitality sources to be absorbed as a result of a time lapse can be required even when only for one to open his mouth, chunk down and ingest the brand new supply of vitality. Renewal, or counter-entropy implies a temporal sequence from depletion to vitality restoration, which includes an occasion transition and a time lapse. And not using a time lapse, there might be no entropy and no want or risk to re-energize. In that context it is likely to be time that finally determines entropy.

If a particle is touring at mild velocity, it’s transferring neither ahead nor backward in time. It turns into “fixed” not solely by way of its unsurpassable velocity but additionally as a chronological anchor level within the universe. Because it doesn’t expertise time lapses it can’t by definition be at one location at one time limit, then in one other in a while. Whereas the “the place” and “when” of human measurement depends upon time passage massless particle don’t acknowledge time passages. Within the particle’s vary of expertise there isn’t a such factor as time.

Equally, with no time elapse, there might be no spatial transition. Which means the particle is what it’s and every thing that it’s temporo-spatially; neither right here nor there. It is twin nature is an easy manifestation of its para-chronological and para-spatial make-up. Theories superimposed on its conduct create closure, which satisfies the twin signaling system of the human mind, however may not mirror the non-spatial, non temporal realities of the subatomic world.

The Classical/Quantum Dichotomy…

It’s comprehensible that physicists enterprise past parsimony at occasions within the try and unify classical and quantum physics. Maybe as a result of easy solutions have been dominated extra complicated options are the one recourse. But our universe is undeniably systemic and as such it should be built-in on some degree. The elegant stability of its varied traits make that apparent. For instance, simply the correct quantity of matter overrides anti-matter to make existence (symmetry-breaking) doable. One other instance is seen within the even distribution of matter and vitality unfold all through the universe. Others might be seen within the spatial regulatory limits of the Planck size, Newton’s inverse sq. legislation and the regulatory trick performed on us by mild velocity which is so functionally cussed that any doable variations in velocity which may happen on account of two folks viewing an object in movement from totally different views should result in a corrective change in time lapse (time dilation) in an effort to maintain “c” fixed. All such mechanisms provide clear indications of a universe with a disposition towards stability.

The pervasive existence of cosmic order suggests there is likely to be a congruent and/or co-functional relationship between quantum and classical physics (an thought implied by David Bohm through the hidden variables principle of quantum mechanics (Riley, 2010). Finally each the classical (order-based) and quantum theories should agree, and even perhaps be depending on each other. Nonetheless physicists proceed to grapple with the obvious discrepancies so it’s worthwhile to debate this difficulty additional.

Data and the Pre-material Universe…

One strategy to join classical and quantum physics is thru an idea that concurrently refutes and confirms each theories. It’s present in an integral part of Data Principle. This bears some preliminary dialogue.

Many theoretical physicists have referenced “info” of their writing, significantly concerning the conduct of black holes (Barbon, 2009). Data in that context sometimes refers to matter and vitality. For instance, if an object is sucked right into a black gap, the item will break up, as seen in varied Star Trek motion pictures. But because the legislation of vitality conservation holds that the vitality of the item can’t be annihilated, can solely change its type the info-energetic elements of the item can’t disappear. In impact, the entire info content material should live on in some type. One purpose why Stephen Hawking believed that radiation would materialize and radiate past the black gap (and never be fully absorbed) was that the legislation of vitality conservation, mixed with beneath-the-surface vitality fluctuations that characterize a quantum state signifies that among the info content material – the stuff that popped out and in of existence (digital particles) needed to live on, and to retain the knowledge content material of the mass that was absorbed into the black gap. Extra merely put; you can not get one thing from nothing, or nothing from one thing. That use of the time period info as utilized to matter and vitality is helpful however probably incomplete.

An Summary Universe…

This author has mentioned this subject in earlier articles however the thought is price repeating. Data equates not simply with mass and vitality however with existence in each sense of the phrase. Whereas theoretical physics assumes matter and vitality are basically all there’s – thus the phrase “physics”, there’s a common “one thing” that’s not fully bodily.

Data principle holds that “one thing” can solely come into existence by being extracted from a previous state of monotony or uncertainty. The latter refers to a brilliant mix with none inside distinctions, whether or not within the type of mass or pressure. The quantity of knowledge corresponds to the quantity of uncertainty that’s decreased. For instance, if we sort out the letters “tele”… and ask which phrase it refers to, solutions would differ (uncertainty can be excessive). But when we add one letter at a time, every new letter (say initially the letter “p” it will scale back uncertainty by one bit. Now we’ve got the letter sequence “telep.” Nonetheless this could entail a number of potentialities so uncertainty nonetheless prevails, as does redundancy. If, nevertheless we add the letter “h”, adopted by the letters o… n… e. the phrase “phone” emerges ( a type of grammatical “creation)”. At that time maximal info has been attained, whereas uncertainty is decreased to zero. In a similar course of this provides the concept of nothing a barely totally different which means.

Inside that mannequin every discount in uncertainty..(i.e. every distinction extracted from redundancy merchandise) creates a viable message… a “one thing” that may apply not simply to language however conceivably to any side of nature.

In a cosmic context, “nothing” would equate with full/infinite redundancy. For instance, with no distinctions between a photon and an electron, between, plasma and matter, between a fermion (matter-carrying particle) and a boson (a force-mediating particle) there might be no existence; neither perceptible to the human eye nor with any purposeful or communicative properties.

By that course of, maybe your complete universe – its essence, its capabilities, its communicative options originated, not quintessentially in an enormous bang however extra functionally via info enlargement in course of that might be known as cosmic decision.

In some methods that is coincides with the anthropic precept however goes past that to a broader world mechanism which might be mentioned via one other experiment (sorry concerning the redundancy).

Common Noise…

Think about a universe with no distinctions amongst particles, forces, stars, planets, natural world; solely an infinite mix. In that state nothing might talk with the rest. Modifications, diversifications, messages, pressure and mass variations, in addition to symmetry-breaking would all be inconceivable. This redundant world wouldn’t simply be in a everlasting state of entropy. It could not be a “world” in any respect as a result of solely with a transition from a state of uncertainty to info can existence originate.

A Proto-physical Rationalization…

In that sense, a bridge between classical and quantum physics may lie in info dynamics. With out the uncertainty of the quantum world there might be no classical, lawful world. In that sense classical and quantum physics is likely to be complementary somewhat than contradictory. In different phrases, simply as one can’t get info and not using a prior state of uncertainty, one can’t get the lawful classical world with out it being extracted from the unsure quantum world.

Room for Dissent…

There are a number of issues with this argument (I advised you I used to be pretty ignorant on this material). One is that it explains the universe in summary, somewhat than materials phrases. On this mannequin Data principle replaces physics as a chief body of reference. Second, it transcends each the quantum and classical fashions by postulating a ‘derivation’ principle of the cosmos whereby one can’t have order with out an preliminary state of dysfunction. That would appear to refute the standard order to chaos sequence implicit in thermodynamics. One other drawback lies within the implication that one thing can come up from nothing, which runs opposite to the precept of vitality conservation.

Find out how to tackle such conundrums? It isn’t a simple job. Quantum mechanics has been not solely verified by analysis however employed very successfully technologically. So have classical ideas – or else we could not not journey into outer area or use GPS programs in our automobiles. Then again so has Data Principle, each technically and mathematically. The notion that info is measured by a discount in uncertainty is sort of properly established (Stover 2014).

One other potential drawback is that this concept raises attention-grabbing questions on actuality; changing it to one thing extra metaphysical as a result of origin and causation are thought of pre-material. It’s scientific in that info lends itself to measurement via the uncertainty discount postulate however the final unified principle shouldn’t be a area or principle of quantum gravity however a non-material info-resolution course of.

What Concerning the Starting?

How may one conceptualize the pre-informed universe? A method is by drawing a parallel between two types of vitality – potential and kinetic. Potential vitality corresponds to mass however has no impression or communicative potentialities or any impact in any respect, with out motion (which converts it to kinetic vitality). Potential vitality is a state of pre-existence with no cause-effect manifestations. Like potential vitality the proto-universe may need been implicit, no less than till one bit (the primary distinction) of knowledge was extracted from its absolute state of redundancy.

As soon as a distinction occurred and separated from the pack (electron, photon, helium gasoline and so on.) one thing attention-grabbing would have occurred. Not solely would the knowledge content material of the cosmos have elevated at that time, however via separation by distinction it grew to become doable for the primary foray into communication to start. That’s as a result of solely with a capability for sign differentiation can there be a message. Thus the newly distinct particle/gasoline entities had been sooner or later capable of exert affect on one another the place none existed earlier than within the potential universe. That in itself would have led to extra fast sign distinctions. An info explosion would have unfolded right into a plethora of celestial our bodies (which might be equally categorized as cosmic bits). Finally, the 4 primary forces would have separated functionally.

From info to systemization and complexity…

As extra distinctions occurred, extra bits of knowledge would have obtained. Atoms developed distinctions within the type of electrons, a nucleus, protons and so on. as a part of info proliferation. Large clouds of gasoline swirled till gravity pulled some collectively into distinct galaxies, which entailed nonetheless extra info (uncertainty discount) within the universe.

The query is whether or not existence, as utilized to the origin and evolution of the universe might be seen as an evolving info system. In that case, the quasi-entity previous to creation must be described as someplace between a bodily and a pre-material world. Not “nothing” as with a vacuum, however “nothing” in a purposeful/communicative sense; ruled most principally by a course of encompassed in info dynamics, and finally manifest via a decision course of, not in contrast to the cognitive quest for discovery by those that research the universe.


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