The Astrology of Marilyn Monroe

The Astrology of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born June 01, 1926 in Los Angeles California. This makes her a Solar Signal of Gemini. Gemini guidelines a number of issues, and is symbolic of twins, so the truth that she was born with the identify Norma Jean Baker and was married thrice with three totally different married names, could be very a lot Gemini.

Boredom, a standard Gemini theme explains three marriages and divorces as her future, together with Jupiter in her seventh home of relationships would imply she attracted plenty of rich suitors serious about her and Jupiter sort males together with marriage companion, Joe Di Maggio a Sagittarius, born November 25. With the moon in her seventh home, relationships have been essential to her and am sure she internalized/emoted often particularly when they didn’t work out. The moon within the seventh home of marriage companions would additionally point out she needed to really feel secure and safe along with her marriage companions, partially as a result of Monroe lacked a powerful household basis in her early years. Sadly, Aquarius dominated her seventh home cusp of marriage, so divorce or sudden issues taking place round partnerships can be her future, together with her extremely publicized affair with John F. Kennedy.

Neptune in her first home of appearances explains the addictions the general public and world had along with her, and that she would seem on movie. Additional, it additionally can be a part of the explanations she was hooked on drugs and booze herself at occasions in her life and desired to sleep the day away. Neptune within the first makes you additional delicate and lots of will search remedy with Neptune within the first as a result of Neptune guidelines despair, deception, addictions, not dwelling in actuality or wanting to flee, particularly in Monroe’s first home, this might clarify her wanting to flee from actuality typically. It’s fascinating that folks can be hooked on her and for her to manage she would flip to addictive substances.

Subsequent, her rising signal, the persona she confirmed upon first glimpse was within the leisure dominated fireplace signal of Leo which might describe her as being the glamorous intercourse kitten and really a lot centered on her platinum blonde hair which was placing. It will additionally point out the eye she would draw to herself and being overly dramatic and typically recognized to be troublesome to work with, particularly later in life.

As probably the most lovely girls on the planet and intercourse image for her time, the chart signifies insecurity with herself and inner struggles and would clarify her addictions. Born with a Moon Sq. Saturn facet, Monroe can be very laborious on her persona and expertise household challenges her entire life, particularly relating to her mom and possibly only a few individuals, besides her therapists ever acquired to know the true coronary heart and soul of America’s well-known intercourse image.

Born with the Solar within the tenth home of how she was seen on the planet, this means a well-known facet within the chart. With Chiron, the wounded healer conjunct the midheaven, she can be seen by the world as somebody wounded for sure. Additionally, Venus conjunct the ascendant would once more be an indication of her tremendous femininity and sweetness on the planet. Taurus midheaven would imply creating wealth can be essential to her, and she or he can be seen on the planet as somebody who used her attractive sounding voice for her work.

The facet of Saturn in Scorpio within the 4th home of dwelling would affirm once more the challenges in her dwelling life and the way troublesome it will be for her to get stability in her dwelling life throughout her lifetime.

Her karmic north node in Most cancers within the twelfth home in her chart was asking her to go in the direction of Most cancers, and have stability and safety in her dwelling life in addition to give attention to her spirituality and getting wholesome, nevertheless it was minimize quick when she handed unexpectedly of an overdose on August 5, 1962 and the very younger age of thirty six. On the day of her passing, transiting Uranus was conjunct her natal Neptune within the first home and Transiting Neptune was conjunct her progressed Saturn within the fourth home of dwelling, each indicators that she was not seeing herself clearly and that she was not feeling safe in her dwelling. Moreover, sudden issues might occur to her round medication or alcohol on the time of her passing. Maybe this explains the speculation that she might have died of an unintentional overdose.

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