Astrology of Alzheimer Illness

Astrology of Alzheimer Illness

What’s Alzheimer Illness?

  • Alzheimer is a progressive and degenerative mind illness which causes issues with reminiscence, pondering and behaviours.
  • Amyloidal plaques and neurofibrillary tangles are two forms of proteins accountable for destroying mind nerve cells inflicting Alzheimer illness.
  • Different contributing main elements for this illness are hereditary, outdated age, mind harm, Down syndrome, smoking, melancholy, elevated homocystein stage, coronary heart issues.

The signs of Alzheimer illness:

Quick time period reminiscence loss, incapacity to carry out routine work, energy of judgment and reasoning deteriorate, change in temper, conduct and communication patterns, impaired language abilities, emotional outbursts and in remaining stage the person’s capacity to acknowledge faces and to speak is totally misplaced together with the power to regulate bowel and bladder management.

Astrological significator for Alzheimer illness:

Ascendant: general power/weak spot of well being, head and mind

sixth home: home of illness, way of life

eighth home: life expectancy, incurable ailments, traumas, low and lingering ailments, reason for demise

twelfth home: hospitalization, sleep, psychological issues

Mercury:nervous methods, represents the precept sponsoring psychological operate, pondering, writing, listening to, all types of communication

Saturn:power ailments, tumors, desiccation, shrinking, under-function, retardation, and collapse outdated age.

Mars: muscular system, irritation of arteries resulting in the mind, accidents, vitality, fevers.

Jupiter:circulatory system.

Uranus:signifies physique electrical energy

Completely different mixture’s for Alzheimer illness:

  • Mercury is retrograded /inauspiciously positioned/set/debilitated/ hammed between malefic/aspected by malefic Saturn/Uranus signifies nervous issues.
  • Mercury and Jupiter positioned in sixth/eighth/twelfth homes and aspected by malefic.
  • Mercury aspected/conjunct/related to Saturn/Uranus signifies mind issues.
  • Mercury positioned in third home and aspected by Saturn/Uranus.
  • Signal Gemini and Mercury severely and associated to sixth/eighth/twelfth signal might trigger Alzheimer illness.
  • Mercury and Moon are inharmonious facet or in twelfth home and aspected by Pluto.
  • third home and Mercury are by Neptune.
  • Mercury/Saturn associated to trine/sixth/eighth/twelfth home and aspected by Uranus


  • Moon aspected/related to Saturn/Ketu signifies psychological issues.
  • Bothered 4th home and Moon signifies melancholy and psychological worries.
  • Moon in sixth/eighth/twelfth home indicated psychological issues.
  • Closely tenanted twelfth Home particularly with a Luminary there might counsel psychological sickness and establishments


  • Saturn and Rahu affiliation/conjunction/facet offers delusion and psychological worries and lingering ailments.
  • Saturn related to trine/4th home, aspected by malefic signifies mind issues.
  • Rahu positioned in angle/sixth/eighth/twelfth home, leading to hypertension.
  • Mars, Mercury, Neptune conj in Most cancers/4th home.

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