Agni Purana Explains and Helps You to Choose the Right Gem for Wealth, Well being and Prosperity

Agni Purana Explains and Helps You to Choose the Right Gem for Wealth, Well being and Prosperity

The Hindu Puranas are of encyclopaedic character. The Puranas prescribe treatments for every type of human issues. There are eighteen main puranas. All are very fascinating and informative in nature.

Puranas include all forms of subjects. However human nature is to pick out the very best matter for acquiring wealth, well being, and an all-round success.

For this we might learn Agni Purana which offers with Gems. Chapter 246 of Agni Purana provides you the traits of gems.

In historical days kings are suggested by the court docket priest to put on gems that are auspicious. Thus a king might put on diamond, emerald, ruby, pearls, sapphire, lapis lazuli, moon stone, sun-stone, crystal, topaz and so on.

Gems set in gold would confer prosperity and success.

However one has to decide on the proper gem appropriate for him. For this one has to check his horoscope and select the gem in line with the planetary positions.

Additionally one has to check the gems earlier than sporting the identical.

Inward lustre, free from impurities and good formation are important for a superb gem.

Such gems could possibly be worn.

The gems that are impure, cracked and containing pebbles inside ought to in no way be chosen and worn.

It’s commendable to put on diamond. However there may be an exception additionally. Those that should not having baby shouldn’t put on diamonds. This suggests that sporting diamond will delay the being pregnant. So one needs to be cautious and never rapidly put on something finding out the final guidelines.

Which diamonds are good and how one can choose them? For this Agni Purana provides good reply.

The diamond that could possibly be carried away by water, that’s unbreakable, with out impurity, of hexagonal form, has the lustre of rainbow, mild and good just like the solar could be very auspicious to put on.

The emerald possessing the hues of the plume, of a parrot, shiny, radiant, with out impurity and containing minute particles resembling powdered gold is auspicious.

The rubies that are obtained from crystal mines could also be used. One of the best ruby will likely be extraordinarily purple and spotless.

The pearls obtained from oysters are typically free from impurities. Pearls obtained from conch-shells are a lot superior. Rotundity, whiteness, transparency and heaviness are the great traits of a superb pearl.

A superb sapphire will be declared invaluable which shines within the milk, spreads extra lustre and tinge of its personal colour.

The lapes lazuli of red-blue sort is superb and could possibly be utilized in necklace.

One might confirm these traits with the assistance of an knowledgeable gemmologist after consulting an astrologer.

It’s a customary follow to wash any gem by dipping it within the cow’s milk to take away any impurity earlier than sporting.

The gemmology is a science in itself and one has to take care to check the entire ‘Ratna Sastra’ which means the science of gems.

Good luck to you all.

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