Widower Hood – Indication of Early Dying of Spouse in Astrology

Widower Hood – Indication of Early Dying of Spouse in Astrology

A person whose partner has died is a widower. Widower is an individual who has outlived the lady to whom he was married on the time of her dying. The widowers could have deep feeling of lack of somebody, who saved them organized and entire. Premature dying of the spouse induces the lack of main supply of safety, assist, and luxury within the lives of the widower.

The widower could expertise an array of feelings, reminiscent of anger, numbness, denial, and profound disappointment, shock (if the dying of the spouse is sudden and surprising), together with many bodily issues.

Components liable for widower hood:

2nd home: longevity of spouse

seventh home: signifies spouse

eighth home: home of dying for spouse

Venus: significator of spouse

Mars: sudden deaths on account of accidents/accidents/fevers/weapons

Saturn: significator of longevity/dying of an individual

Completely different mixtures for widower hood:

2nd home:

  • Rahu and Saturn posited in 2nd, signifies the native will resign the spouse or his spouse will die early.
  • Lords of 2nd and seventh, mixed in third/ sixth/eighth/twelfth homes, signifies consecutive dying of three wives. But when the lords of 2nd and seventh are sturdy the spouse will dwell longer.
  • If 2nd home and its lord from ascendant/Moon are very highly effective however severely influenced by the Mars, then the natives spouse will die prematurely.

seventh home:

  • A malefic posited in seventh and aspected by a malefic planet.
  • A weak planet is posited in seventh.
  • Lord of fifth positioned in seventh home.
  • Lord of eighth posited in seventh home.
  • Debilitated Jupiter posited in seventh home.
  • A malefic in seventh and 4th home, is the indication of spouse’s dying.
  • Weak malefic posited/lord of seventh home, signifies early dying of spouse.
  • If the lords of ascendant and seventh are in conjunction or facet with one another, the native may have a couple of spouse.
  • Moon in seventh, troubled by malefic with out having any useful affect. Or having beneficial features of Jupiter/Venus.
  • Lord of seventh is about/weak /debilitated posited in eighth/12 home signifies early dying of spouse.
  • Moon positioned in 4th in affiliation/opposition to Saturn, signifies widower standing.


  • Mars in sixth, Rahu in seventh and Saturn in eighth, early dying of spouse is indicated.
  • Mars positioned in ascendant/4th/seventh/eighth/twelfth, signifies early dying of spouse.


  • Venus mixed with a malefic in seventh home, with out having the affect of any benefice planet.
  • Lord of seventh and Venus are auspicious and posited in seventh, and if seventh home/lord is robust with out having affect if evil planets, the husband and spouse will die concurrently.
  • Debilitated Venus and Moon positioned in 4th home, signifies early dying of the spouse.
  • Venus posited in twin signal, seventh home troubled by malefic, the native has to bear the sorrow arises from the dying of spouse.
  • Solar/Venus in 4th, troubled by malefic.
  • Venus posited in 4th home, troubled by Mars/Saturn, signifies early dying of spouse. But when the Venus is in cardinal signal the spouse will survive.
  • Venus in signal Capricorn/Aquarius signifies the spouse will die earlier than the native.


  • Solar positioned in a Virgo ascendant and Saturn positioned in seventh in Pisces signal, the spouse will die within the Mahadasa [opening period] of Saturn.
  • Solar positioned in Virgo ascendant and Mars posited in 7th, the native will stay widower, until dying regardless of a number of marriages.
  • Weak and troubled planet positioned in seventh/ being lord of ascendant/exalted in ascendant, signifies dying of marriage- associate.

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