The Numerology of a Deranged Wealthy Recluse, Howard Hughes

The Numerology of a Deranged Wealthy Recluse, Howard Hughes

Howard Robard Hughes Jr., born 24 December 1905, was a real American unique. A record-setting aviator, film producer and director, engineer, industrialist, philanthropist and legendary womanizer, Howard Hughes was, for all his superb accomplishments, arguably probably the most eccentric, deranged and reclusive man in latest historical past.

  • What made Howard Hughes a renegade however completed maverick?
  • What grasp quantity mirrored his excessive energy and wealth?
  • His womanizing methods are indicated by which numbers?
  • Why was he so eccentric, deranged and reclusive?

The Grasp Maverick

All through this collection of wealthy and well-known icons, the grasp quantity that stands out probably the most and which displays a dynamic sense of originality and independence is the grasp 55-1 power. No quantity is extra free and pushed to be distinctive and completed than the Double Nickels Grasp.

Having the 55-1 in a chart is highly effective, however Howard Hughes’ chart housed a triset of the 55-1 within the following parts: A. Materials Soul B. Crown Pinnacle PE C. Identify Timeline PE of his center title, “Robard.”

The 55-1 within the Materials Soul element of the Fundamental Matrix reveals a robust want and intrinsic should be unique, distinctive, totally different, solo. Occupying the Crown Pinnacle PE in Hughes’ chart, the 55-1 relentlessly drew him onward to manifest his wishes of originality and to be #1 in no matter he did. Moreover, Hughes’ center title, “Robard,” housed a 55-1 PE from ages thirty-four to sixty-four. All these created a tristack of powerfully unique and distinctive power.

The Variety of Wealth

Maybe probably the most conspicuous quantity within the charts of the very wealthy is the grasp builder quantity 22-4. Howard Hughes’ Fundamental Matrix homes a tristack of this potent wealth creator-a double stack in his Life PE (the position of his life) and a single set in his Soul. Hughes’ Life Matrix accommodates a 1st Epoch PE and a third Epoch PE 22-4. Hughes needed to be wealthy, very wealthy, and his life gave him what he needed. In truth, he as soon as grew to become irritated when being spoken of as merely a millionaire. As he vociferously effused, I am not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddamit, I am a billionaire.

Love and Romance

Howard Hughes had the fame of being a infamous girls man and womanizer. Allegedly, he had affairs with such well-known ladies as Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers and others. He was formally married twice to Ella Rice and Jean Peters respectfully and allegedly a 3rd time to Terry Moore, a declare she made after his demise. (Wikipedia)

And what are the numbers of affection and romance? Essentially the most highly effective are the 33-6 and 66-3. Hughes not solely had a quintset (5) of 33-6 power however a triset of 66-3. The 33-6s have been in his first title of “Howard” and within the PE positions of the 4 “Rs” in his full title. The 66-3s are revealed within the PE of “Howard” and PEs within the two “Os” of “Howard” and “Robard.”

Collectively, this quintstack of 33-6 power and triset of 66-3 power mixed to generate a potent recipe of affection and romance.

Eccentricity and Reclusion

One of the vital fascinating features of Hughes’ life was his eccentricity and reclusion. In corroboration, he described himself as paranoid and deranged. What numbers reveal this side of his life?

Linkage is the continual prevalence of the identical quantity, numbers or quantity patterns in a numerology chart. Life Linkage is when the identical patterns start at start and proceed to demise. Hughes’ Life Matrix reveals a 9/7 life linkage IR set (Affect/Actuality) in his 1st Pinnacle, 2nd Pinnacle, third Pinnacle, third Problem and 4th Problem! This 9/7 sample signifies inside turmoil, psychological points, potential chaos, shyness and reclusion (7) which is universally identified and long run (9). As a result of the linkage is life-long, the 9/7 energies proceed to develop unabatedly, probably turning into bigger and, in his case, extra extreme. His personal phrases reveal his excessive psychological points: The door to the cupboard is to be opened utilizing a minimal of 15 Kleenexes!.


Howard Hughes was, certainly, one of the vital attention-grabbing and intriguing characters of the Twentieth Century. His nice wealth, achievement-oriented and unique character, womanizing persona and eccentric self have been hallmarks of his fame and fortune. Seldom has somebody’s habits captured the creativeness of the lots like his. The 22-4, 33-6, 55-1, 66-3 masters numbers, in addition to the 9/7 life linkage performed a robust half in his future. ~finis

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