Jupiter Transit in Aquarius

Jupiter Transit in Aquarius

Shri Ganeshay Namah

Jupiter Transit in Aquarius

Jupiter is the planet which all of us look upon, for Divine grace and the rewards obtainable to us in Life. The transit of Jupiter from one zodiac signal to a different within the sky is a really important occasion, notably for the astrologers. It’s because the position of Jupiter in ones Annual Horoscope is the dimensions of measure to understand how the 12 months will fare for the subsequent twelve months for a selected particular person. We all know that the round zodiac of 360 levels is split into 12 zodiac indicators. Jupiter in its movement stays in every signal of 30 levels for a few 12 months, and takes 12 years to finish its journey via all of the indicators of the zodiac. Jupiter presently is coming into the zodiac signal of Aquarius on the twentieth of December 2009. It is going to stay right here uptil sixth December 2010. We want to consider what the current transit of Jupiter has in retailer for us.

Jupiter as a Planet generally

Jupiter is the most important planet in our photo voltaic system. So mainly it’s a planet of growth. It’s masculine and termed as a Brahmin by caste within the Hindu astrology. It guidelines the indicators Sagittarius and Pisces. It will get exalted in Most cancers which is dominated by the Moon. Its debilitation place is the signal Capricorn dominated by Saturn. A robust Jupiter in a Start Chart makes one trustworthy and religious, assured and truthful, formidable and non secular. It supplies Political management, data, knowledge and judgment. Those that have some fundamental data of Palmistry know that the smart King Solomon’s Cross is discovered and often called so, because of its placement on the Mount of Jupiter. A robust, properly positioned Jupiter in a Horoscope assures its proprietor of excellent luck and fortunes and supplies alternatives in ones Life for growth, progress and success. Energy and authority is accessible to these with robust Jupiter’s of their Charts.

Aquarius as a Signal generally

Aquarius is the eleventh signal of the zodiac and seems within the eleventh home of the pure Horoscope or Kalapurusha Chart. The eleventh home we all know stands for “Labha” or features and success of wishes. This signal is dominated by the Nice Saturn. Additionally it is understood by many, to be co-ruled by Uranus or Hershel as we all know in Vedic astrology. By the way when Jupiter enters Aquarius this December, Uranus could be already current there and would give firm to Jupiter, although Uranus is degrecally distant however shall stay in identical signal for few weeks to return. Aquarius is a set and Ethereal signal as identified in astrological terminology. That is the signal of a “Thinker” and it’s also often called an mental signal. Aquarius is an indication of hopes and desires, wishes and aspirations. It’s the signal of the longer term, of the visionary. It could be attention-grabbing to remind ourselves that the signal reverse to Aquarius within the Zodiac is “Leo” dominated by the Solar.

Jupiter in Aquarius – Conduct

The query is – what’s going to Jupiter do in Aquarius, how will it behave- What could be outcomes or final result of Jupiter making its entry in Aquarius? Allow us to try these.

Results on the Mundane Ranges

Justice is likely one of the key phrases for Jupiter. The following Yr will set in movement a collective name for tackling points like terrorism which have plagued the world since lengthy. This time the decision shall be severe and never a half hearted one, and the intellectuals and sensible brains from all growing Nations would sit collectively (not essentially within the bodily realm) and determine in consensus on strategical strikes to curb this menace in going through all unsuspecting and harmless civilizations. A motivation and a powerful dedication for motion from the Tremendous Powers on this space, goes to yield some form of help in addition to hope for nations like India who’re but not outfitted adequately to unravel this concern on a person scale and searching for exterior help and sustenance. The spiritual leaders of the world may also take a stand on this and provide their unconditional help. On scientific ranges we will hope for main discoveries within the incoming 12 months, and hopefully area know-how goes to get a lift now with some technological innovation. Jupiter represents authorized in addition to faith. We may additionally count on a non secular chief to show as a Political chief or Head of nation or some essential Minister within the meeting. Jupiter is the one planet which might tame down Saturn to a sure extent. Aquarius is owned by Saturn and Jupiter right here is positioned in an space the place Saturn is extra constructive and outgoing in its moods of distribution and allocation of information development to those that are its keepers be it in Science, Philosophy, Medical, Area Expertise, or no matter be the realm of analysis. Saturn is the lord of Punishment whereas Jupiter is the “Merciful” or the “Bestower”. This mixture of Jupiter in a Zodiac signal of technological development is unquestionably going to current to the world a plethora of aids for human consolation.

Aquarius is a Mounted signal. No matter breakthroughs are made on this interval could be mounted, which implies right here to remain and assist the mankind. Aquarius can also be an Ethereal science. For sure, the sector of communications is about off to rocket via hi-tech devices extraordinary or unimagined could possibly be potential. Risk of watching the Tv on the aircraft wall in picture is probably not a far fetched concept. Neither could also be utilizing the pc on intangible strong kind. Discoveries on the ethereal and ethereal zones could also be extra outstanding now and inside attain. Undoubtedly we’re at benefit this 12 months with Jupiter coming into the zodiac signal of Saturn, Aquarius. Poland, Sweden and Russia would be the harbingers of some essential information within the incoming months on the horizon and situation of developments denoted by Jupiter in Saturn. There could be improvements in actions linked to Surgical procedures, metals, Cars, Defence, Railways, Aero planes, Gasoline and Electrical, Hydro electrical, Wool, Silk, Hessian and all these areas will witness a right away enhance when Jupiter enters Aquarius. Inventory Alternate will obtain a push in type of nice uncommon turnovers. International trade will rise.On the destructive sides we might witness earthquakes, famines, Demise and overthrow of ones in energy, declaration of Emergency, Enhance in taxations.

Results on the Particular person stage.

That is completely different from the results of Jupiter in Aquarius on the mundane ranges or linked to the lots. The identical outcomes can’t be utilized to each particular person on earth generally. So we segregate the folks of the world into 12 sections with every part representing every of those zodiac indicators.

On this method we now, can have 12 units of outcomes for 12 varieties of nativities.

However we are going to go a step forward and attempt to slender down the outcomes utilizing within the course of, the nice data of Indian Vedic astrology we have now been given by our Rishi Munis of yore who imparted to us the understanding of the 27 nakshatras or constellations additionally referred to as as Mounted stars by the Western Astrologer counterpart although this time period doesn’t slot in precisely for the nakshatra, however because of need of a greater phrase, will suffice.

We already know that Jupiter is about to enter the Zodiac signal of Aquarius on the twentieth of December 2009. The signal Aquarius holds the constellations Dhanista, Satabisa and Purva Bhadra in its compartment. These are dominated by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter respectively.

We’ll now delineate the outcomes for every Zodiac signal. Right here the outcomes are being laid on the premise of Ascendant which is the fitting manner of method, and never the Solar signal or Moon signal. Ascendant is the zodiac signal which is rising on the japanese Horizon on the time of your Start.

As an example within the above Horoscope the Solar signal is Sagittarius, the Moon signal is Capricorn, and the Ascendant is Aries. The Ascendant all the time seems within the high centre bracket of the horoscope.

Outcomes for every Ascendant.


You’ll embark on an extended Journey. You probably have been planning to make a overseas journey, then it can materialize now. Expenditures will enhance. So will your inclinations in direction of faith and such actions. Grace of Superiors shall be obtainable now. Additionally, you will be capable of repay your money owed if any.


That is the interval when you’ll achieve via surprising Earnings. Transactions which haven’t been proven in books will accrue monetary returns. Positive factors via in-laws are a chance. If present process any technical examinations like Chartered accountancy then will obtain success now.


Now could be the time for promotions, rise and elevations in Occupation and enterprise. You’ll go for joint ventures and tie ups. Agreements could also be signed now. Some recognition shall be showered on you now. You can be feeling on high and bold with confidence ranges at an considerable excessive.

Most cancers

If searching for a brand new placement, place or job, it will likely be inside your attain now. If sitting in some competitions then make sure that You’ll win. This can be a interval of some stress in relationships although. Loans if required shall be obtainable now. Caught up funds could also be acquired now.


Any investments in Inventory markets will produce solely losses now. Amorous affairs is not going to transfer forward with threat of separations. Any manufacturing exercise linked to Sports activities items and merchandise associated to kids shall be profitable. Partnerships could be extra useful on this part.


Time to get domesticated. You can be spending extra time in home with partner, than in workplace. Points linked to training will now come up. Achieve via land and property is a chance now. You may additionally determine to offer some attentions to your mom too and achieve from her togetherness.


Quick journeys will enhance now. You may make good revenue via the facility of your pen and communications now. Paperwork shall be signed to your benefit. Capital features can accrue via sale of land if any. This is a wonderful time to make cash via commissions and Brokerage.


You could now purchase a brand new car for you. A few of you might shift to a brand new home now. Some auspicious operate within the household is a powerful probability. In case your mom is staying out of city she might come to go to you now. Your college academic certificates might now be required for some goal.


You could now go for some renovation of your environment, be it of workplace or residence. Household Monetary safety shall be of prime significance in Your thoughts and you’ll consider methods to get this finished. You could now be part of some half time programs to enhance and strengthen your abilities at work.


You will have to depart your current areas now for a pressured or deliberate journey to some distant areas. Your vitality ranges could be low on this part. Tiredness might prevail. Investments in long run securities could be made by you on this interval. Communications will definitely enhance now.


This would be the finest interval for you now. All spherical monetary features and success of wishes will present you nice satisfaction and contentment now. Most of your pending points appear to get resolved now, and in Your favour. Cash, Well being, and Wishes seem like yours for asking now.


This part will mark a breakthrough in your Profession. Your ambitions now attain the zenith of accomplishment partially or full, however important although. Success in Your Profession is assured now. Grace from Superiors and people in excessive locations is assured now in full. You can be a wished man in your space.

Be aware:-

– The above is a condensed Be aware of what one will face and a small part from the excellent and detailed predictions of the outcomes which can happen.

– The above outcomes will intensify and seem like seen and noticed in precise Life, from March 2010 onwards.

– The above outcomes would even be modified by features and influences of different planets through the Yr particularly the Solar and Mars who’re in fixed movement of their orbits.

– The results may also endure some modifications because of conjunctions of those and different planets through the 12 months, with Jupiter.

– Within the above report we have now not taken the results of retrogression of Jupiter through the 12 months, which can kind one other prolonged article so we go away it at that. However briefly Jupiter when retrograde will delay the issues signified by Jupiter in a person Horoscope the place Jupiter is positioned in direct movement, whereas for an individual with retrograde Jupiter at start, Jupiter will appear to set off the occasions signified by Jupiter which had been hitherto delayed and, carry them on the fore.

– Lastly, the above outcomes will once more be modified as per Particular person Horoscopes of an individual.


To conclude we will say that the Divine planet Jupiter will hand out souvenirs to every of the above class and units of the folks and one can look ahead awaiting his flip and the set of presents allotted for him.

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