Consuming Habits in Astrology

Consuming Habits in Astrology

Consuming behavior is the precise consuming sample of a local, influenced by his social, cultural, non secular, economical, environmental, and political components. It refers to means and mannerism of consuming together with the amount and high quality of meals.

From astrology you’ll be able to decide the consuming habits of any individual by rigorously observing his horoscope.

Components influencing consuming habits are:

  • Ascendant: signifies common likeness and inclinations.
  • 2nd home/lord: signifies common meals and consuming habits.
  • sixth home/lord: signifies the standard of meals.

Completely different patterns of consuming habits:


  • Malefic facets to ascendant/moon in natal chart point out problematic consuming patterns that will result in weight problem.
  • Jupiter positioned in ascendant, signifies overeating tendencies.
  • Mars having sturdy relation to ascendant and its lord signifies inclination for warm beverage like tea, espresso and so forth and likeness for spicy meals.

2nd home:

  • If the lord of the 2nd home is a benefic planet and positioned within the auspicious place, the native will eat in lesser amount.
  • If lord of 2nd home is a malefic and influenced by a malefic, the native will bask in overeating.
  • If the lord of 2nd home is a benefic and aspected by a malefic or vice versa, the native might be a reasonable eater.
  • If lord of 2nd is in personal signal/exaltation/aspected by benefic, the native will eat with consolation.
  • Lord of 2nd is posited in Aries/Most cancers/Libra/Capricorn or if the benefice planets facets 2nd home, the native will eat very quick.
  • Malefic positioned/facet 2nd home, the native will eat very slowly.
  • Rahu influencing 2nd home, signifies non-vegetarian consuming habits.

sixth home:

  • Jupiter/Mercury positioned in sixth home, signifies inclination for salty meals gadgets.
  • Robust Jupiter positioned in 2nd/tenth home, signifies fondness for candy gadgets.
  • Venus/Mars posited in sixth home signifies likeness for bitter meals.
  • Venus and Mercury in affiliation, signifies attraction for candy meals.
  • Jupiter and Venus aspecting sixth home signifies inclination for candy meals gadgets.
  • Taurus being the signal of sixth signifies inclination for rice and potatoes.
  • Leo because the sixth signal within the horoscope signifies love for non-vegetarian meals.
  • Mercury related to malefic, signifies dislikeness for candy meals gadgets.

Consuming habits based on ascendant’s indicators:

Aries: they’re extraordinarily impatient. They eat in hurry and in nervousness. They’re very keen on sizzling drinks like tea, espresso and so forth. Usually they’ve irregular consuming habits, which can have an effect on their digestive system.

Taurus: the native born beneath this signal like conventional and energetic meals. They love rice, potatoes, and different carbohydrate meals gadgets. They get pleasure from consuming salads and different wholesome meals.

Gemini: they eat in small parts of meals. They love snacks and appetizers. Usually they do others works whereas consuming, like watching TV, studying books, gossiping and so forth. They often eat earlier than going for the sleep. They drink loads of water.

Most cancers: as a result of their delicate abdomen and digestive system they’re very cautious in deciding on food regimen. They’ve weak point for alcohol and wine. They’re very obsessive for candy meals; therefore in later time frame they’re aware of weight achieve. Their food regimen usually lacks calcium.

Leo: they’ve common and disciplined consuming habits. Resulting from their excessive metabolic charge they regularly required consumption of meals and loads of water. Usually they eat very quick. They love firm of colleagues or family members whereas consuming. They like sizzling soups and meals. They need to examine on fats and spicy gadgets of their food regimen for well being coronary heart circumstances.

Virgo: They’re very well being aware. Their food regimen is filled with dietary values. Resulting from their gradual metabolism charge they have a tendency to realize weight very simply. If they need to keep away from overeating and use of fatty meals gadgets. They need to embrace spicy and dairy merchandise of their food regimen.

Libra: They’re extraordinarily aware about their weight. They’ve weak point for candy meals. Taste and presentation of meals is necessary for them. They love fragrant deliciously cooked meals. They embrace extra greens of their food regimen. Their immunological system could be affected by dangerous consuming habits.

Scorpio: being a water signal, they could bask in overeating as a result of stress and nervousness. They need to examine their alcohol consumption and like small meals somewhat than having massive meals.

Sagittarius: they’re very aware about their well being. Resulting from their hasty nature they eat very quick. They’ve tendency of being obese. They need to keep away from extra alcohol merchandise to be able to forestall the injury of pores and skin and liver. They need to embrace water, excessive protein, and dairy merchandise of their food regimen.

Capricorn: they’re well being aware and don’t compromise with their consuming habits. They offer consideration to the standard of meals somewhat than amount. They all the time want easy meals and don’t experiment a lot with their food regimen. They don’t like different actions whereas consuming. They need to embrace extra protein and calcium of their food regimen for wholesome bones, tooth and pores and skin.

Aquarius: Usually they’re gentle eaters and relay totally on low energy meals. They’ve much less curiosity in meals. All through day they will not eat substantial meals and relies upon totally on snacks. They’re very keen on espresso and tea. They by no means fell unwell as a result of their irregular and indiscretion dietary plans

Pisces: they’ve changeable consuming habits based on conditions. They like number of meals gadgets of their menu. Normally they’ve decrease metabolism and sluggish digestion; therefore they need to keep away from extra salt and alcohol. They need to drink extra water for detoxing and will embrace iron wealthy meals of their food regimen.




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