Barack Obama’s Horoscope Analysed Based mostly on KP Astrology (Superior Vedic Astrology) Rules

Barack Obama’s Horoscope Analysed Based mostly on KP Astrology (Superior Vedic Astrology) Rules

On this article I might cowl the distinctiveness of KP Astrology and Barack Obama’s horoscope. To start with I’ll give a short of KP Astrology after which I’ll talk about Obama’s Horoscope consistent with KP Astrology. KP astrology was propounded by the well-known astrologer Prof. Okay.S Krishnamurti from India round mid fifties. Krishnamurti Paddhati or KP took one of the best of Vedic Astrology and Western astrology to derive a singular type of deciphering a horoscope. Not like conventional Vedic Astrology which provides significance to homes KP offers significance to nakshatras or constellations. Nakshatras are identical because the vedic astrology however extra significance are given to it. Above all KSK got here with a singular discovery of “sub” which is nothing however the sub division of nakshatras. Based on KSK a planet is sweet or unhealthy depends upon which nakshatras it’s positioned with respect to at least one’s ascendant and extra so which “sub” of that nakshatra it’s positioned.

In vedic astrology the zodiac is split into 27 nakshatras or constellations every overlaying 13 diploma 20 minutes. Every of those nakshatras are having their very own lords. Every of the 7 planets together with 2 nodes (rahu and ketu) are the lords of three nakshatras in complete. For instance Ashwini, Magha and Moola are dominated by Ketu. KSK has sub divided these nakshatras into 9 unequal components (dominated by 7 planets and a couple of subs) referred to as “subs“. Division of sub is predicated on Vimshottari Dasa system adopted by Vedic Astrologers. Now to guage whether or not a planet is favorable or unfavorable is predicated on the place of a planet in that specific zone (diploma, minute) of the zodiac with respect to the chart into account. Now to website an instance based on conventional Vedic Astrology Jupiter ought to give benific consequence whether it is positioned in Most cancers (the place it will get exalted ) however based on KP system it may be malefic as properly if it occupies unfavorable constellation and “sub” a lot so Jupiter could be benific even when it’s positioned in Capricorn ( the place it will get debilited ) Now the subsequent query is how you can decide whether or not a planet is favorable or not. Another distinctive findings of KSK was the unequal division of homes primarily based on Placidus system and on this system home starting the place the cusp has fallen is taken because the Home ( bhava ) lord. This might very properly be defined citing an instance.

Lets take the instance of Barack Obama’s horoscope. He was born on 4th August 1961 at 7:24 pm in Honolulu HI, USA, 21n18, 157w51 (supply astrodatabank ) If we see his horoscope his ascendant is Capricorn and moon signal is Taurus and presently he’s working maha dasa (time) of Jupiter. Scholar of astrology would instantly say Jupiter is the lord of third and twelfth in his case so how may he attain to that top within the time of Jupiter. KP astrology has the reply to the query. His eleventh and twelfth cusp each has fallen in Sagittarius (lord is Jupiter ) and in addition 2nd cusp as fallen in Items (lord is Jupiter ) as results of which whole image is modified. Now if we see the place of Jupiter, it’s in Capricorn (the place it will get debilited) 7degree 37 minutes because of this it’s positioned within the constellation of Solar and sub of Ketu. Once more comparable contradiction is arising for Capricorn ascendant Leo (lord is Solar) is the eight lord then how come Jupiter positioned within the eighth lord star is useful. KP once more solutions this. Within the case of Obama eighth cusp has fallen in Virgo not in Leo. Solar the lord of Leo is positioned in 19 diploma 19 minutes Most cancers which occurs to be the sixth bhava for him. Because of this Jupiter is signifying 2, 6, 11, 12 homes and it is without doubt one of the finest (2,6,11) significance which a planet can have. Home 2 signifies wealth and speech, home sixth signifies competitors and eleventh home signifies acquire or success of wishes as consequence the mix of above talked about homes signifies success or larger order. Now we are going to talk about the sub lord Ketu the place Jupiter is positioned. Ketu in Obama’ s Horoscope is positioned in Aquarius 4 diploma 39 minutes because of this it’s within the signal of Saturn and within the constellation of Mars. Saturn in his case is the lord of 1st home and Mars is the lord of third and tenth ( third has fallen in Aries and the tenth cusp has fallen in Scorpio) so Ketu is signifying 1,3,10 which by no means is a unfavorable signification. So the contradiction of Obama’s Horoscope could be totally defined by KP. There are many different components which additionally performed a job in his rise the primary components has been the dasa of Jupiter which apparently appeared unfavorable however in actuality a extremely sturdy planet answerable for his rise to the place of changing into the President of United States of America.

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