2022 Numerological and Astrological Options

2022 Numerological and Astrological Options

Hermes Trismegistus, the writer named within the textual content of the enigmatic Emerald Pill, mentioned, “That which is under is like that which is above and that which is above is like that’s under.”

Based on the Airtight custom, occult sciences akin to astrology and numerology symbolize occasions and circumstances in your life. Discover the quote above states “… is like… ” as an alternative of “makes occur.” The microcosm displays the macrocosm, and the macrocosm displays the microcosm.

The ancients believed human beings are intimately related to the universe. You could have a option to both study in regards to the power stream of the universe and transfer with it, or ignorantly battle in opposition to the currents of life.

Among the best methods to maneuver with the currents of life, to know and capitalize in your private timing, is thru customized complete astrology and numerology.

If you happen to aren’t prepared for an in-depth technique, studying about common occurrences such because the Common Yr (e.g., 2022 = 2+0+2+2=6), eclipses, and retrogrades can nonetheless be useful.

Two Common and Private Numerology Cycles

The Common Yr is intimately related to the Private Yr, which is extra related to you, personally, than the Common Yr. Merely add your start month and day to the Common Yr to get your present Private Yr. For instance, somebody born on December seventeenth is in an 8 Private Yr in 2022 (12+17+2022=2051, 2+0+5+1=8).

To take it a step additional, merely add the Common Yr or Private Yr to the present calendar month to get the Common Month or Private Month. For instance, because the Common Yr in 2022 is 6 (2022 = 2+0+2+2=6), in January the Common Month is 7. Since January is the primary month of the 12 months merely add January (1) plus 2022 (6) which equals 7. The Private Month is derived the identical means; when you’re in a 3 Private Yr in 2022, you are in a 4 Private Month in January of 2022. These 4 cycles are place to begin with fundamental numerology. Though these cycles are solely 4 of a whole bunch of timing cycles, they’re simple to observe and symbolically sturdy sufficient that you’ll acknowledge their significance.

Listed under are choose common astrological occasions for 2022.

2022 eclipses:

Photo voltaic eclipse 4-30-2022, 10 levels, 28 minutes Taurus

Lunar eclipse 5-15-2022, 25 levels, 17 minutes Scorpio

Photo voltaic eclipse 10-25-2022, 02 levels, 00 minutes Scorpio

Lunar eclipse 11-8-2022, 16 levels, 00 minutes Taurus

2022 Mercury retrograde intervals:

Mercury retrograde 1-14-2022 Aquarius

Mercury direct 2-3-2022 Capricorn

Mercury retrograde 5-10-2022 Gemini

Mercury direct 6-3-2022 Taurus

Mercury retrograde 9-9-2022 Libra

Mercury direct 10-2-2022 Virgo

Mercury retrograde 12-29-2022 Capricorn

Mercury direct 1-18-2023 Capricorn

2022 Venus retrograde intervals:

Venus retrograde 12-19-2021 Capricorn

Venus direct 1-29-2022 Capricorn

2022 Mars retrograde intervals:

Mars retrograde 10-30-2022 Gemini

Mars direct 1-12-2023 Gemini

Be slightly extra cautious concerning necessary issues involving increased than common danger on the day of and the times surrounding eclipses and Mercury retrogrades. This consists of, however isn’t restricted to, huge purchases, investments, and authorized contracts.

Venus and Mars retrogrades historically usually are not as noticeable as Mercury retrogrades. As at all times, any single common celestial phenomenon symbolically impacts you in a singular means, because it pertains to your private astrological patterns. A selected retrograde or eclipse might symbolize huge life adjustments for one particular person, and virtually nothing for an additional particular person.

Though the aforementioned celestial and numerological happenings are minor in relation to the huge physique of common and natal indicators, monitoring these cycles and occasions, particularly along with your natal components and patterns, may also help you restrict your danger and save money and time.

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