Vedic Astrology & Chess

Vedic Astrology & Chess

Is Chess a Divine Recreation? There are some evident correlations between the sport of chess and the astrology which lead us to the conclusion that Chess is a sport impressed by the Common Legal guidelines, possibly by the planetary motion.

Is Chess one other form of Astrology?

In Chess, we’ve a board divided into 8 columns and eight rows, whereas in Astrology we use the zodiacal circle divided into 12 indicators.

In Chess, we’ve 6 symbols- the items (King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn). In Astrology we’ve 7 symbols- the 7 conventional planets (Solar, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn).

There are guidelines for the motion of those symbols and every has a selected worth or interpretation.

The Artwork of the Participant of Chess is to completely examine and perceive the community of influences and forces on the chessboard, then to elaborate a technique that may lead him/her to the defeat of the opponent.

The Artwork of the Astrologer is to completely examine and perceive the community of influences within the astrological chart, then to elaborate an general conclusion of it.

Thus far, we appear to have just some common guidelines that apply to most board video games.

Items – Planets correlations

Trying deeper into this, one could discover some putting correlations.There are some robust pieces-planets correlations.

The King is clearly correlated with the Solar. When the King is besieged and captured (checkmate), the sport is over.The Queen is correlated with the Moon in astrology. The Moon strikes the quickest of all planets, so does the Queen on the chessboard. In horary and electional (conventional vedic astrology), the Moon is an important planet to be thought of. So is the Queen in Chess.

The Pawns are like youngsters, that are historically dominated by the Moon. After they develop outdated, that’s, after they attain the opposite finish of the chessboard, they grow to be Queens. Due to this fact the Pawns are additionally correlated with Moon.

The Bishops are clearly correlated with Jupiter, since Jupiter guidelines the faith and the non secular individuals. Nevertheless, because the Bishops transfer all the time diagonally and there may be the planet Mars whose glyph or image is a circle with an arrow popping out of it in an indirect route, that is why the Bishops may also be related functionally with Mars. So, the Bishops’ nature is Jupiter/Mars.

The Rooks are additionally known as Castles and are due to this fact related to Saturn. However since they transfer solely horizontally or vertically and the ideogram of Venus is within the type of a circle with a cross under it, we could say that the Rooks are functionally related to Venus. So, the Rooks’ nature is Saturn/Venus.

The Knights are additionally known as Horses, they usually transfer atypically by leaping over different items, very like flying. Due to this fact, the Knights could also be related to Mercury, the Roman identify of Hermes, the messenger god, with winged sandals.

Homes – Recreation levels correlations

The astrological growth of the sport of ChessI’ll current subsequent the correlations between the twelve astrological homes of an astrology chart and the event of a sport of chess.

The standard “joys of the planets” are a very useful idea right here. It refers back to the home the place a planet enjoys itself, its vitality being actually applicable and helpful there. The astrological custom considers that Mercury has its pleasure within the 1st home, the Moon within the third home, Venus within the fifth home, Mars within the sixth home, the Solar within the ninth home, Jupiter within the eleventh home and Saturn within the twelfth home.

The first home is related to the start of the sport. The gamers transfer the primary items. At this stage, the Knights are crucial as they leap over the Pawns and may assault the opponent’s Pawns. Mercury (the Knights) has its pleasure within the 1st home.

The 2nd home is related to the subsequent stage of the sport, the event of the items, the constructing of a construction of protection.

The third home is related to the development of a line of superior Pawns (related to the Moon), speaking and defending each other. At this stage the Pawns are actually essential. The Moon has its pleasure within the third home.

The 4th home is related to the castling. The King is put behind a wall of Pawns, in a secure place. The primary a part of an everyday chess sport is over.

The fifth home is related to pondering of a technique of motion; right here the creativity of the participant is put to trial. The primary situation now could be to strengthen one’s place with a purpose to impress the adversary. The Rook (Venus) enters the sport for the primary time, because it will get out of the chessboard nook by way of the castling. Venus has its pleasure within the fifth home.

The sixth home is related to a stage of preparations. As soon as the general technique has been established within the earlier stage, it’s now time to place it into observe, first by apparently harmless strikes. In the identical time, one should be attentive to invest any unhealthy transfer of the opponent, whereas attempting to repair any weak factors within the protection. The Knights (Mars) ought to be used to regulate the diagonals. Mars has its pleasure within the sixth home.

The seventh home is related to the assault, with the overt problem. It’s the first home over the horizon and any further the sport can be performed brazenly. The true warfare begins.

The eighth home is related to traps and pitfalls, essentially the most harmful stage of the sport, when the assault could fail and this is able to result in a decisive counterattack. If the assault is profitable, the opponent’s protection line can be damaged and a few of his items captured: the eighth home is the turned 2nd home (items) from the seventh home (opponent).

The ninth home is related to essential steps towards victory. As soon as the protection line of the opponent has been damaged, at this stage the King (Solar) could also be threatened by test. The Solar has its pleasure within the ninth home.

The tenth home is the stage when the participant is already main and now has to plan the subsequent steps to make towards victory.

The eleventh home is related to the ultimate stage of the sport, when the ultimate plan is put into observe. After each side have captured many items, the Knights (Jupiter) have now loads of house to run throughout the chessboard. Jupiter has its pleasure within the eleventh home.

The twelfth home is related to the tip of the sport. The Rooks (Saturn) are supporting from behind the Pawns to advance and remodel into Queens, which is able to checkmate the adversary’s King and convey victory. Saturn has its pleasure within the twelfth home.

That is an astrological overview of the sport of chess.However, Chess is a sport of wits, which is ruled by the strikes of the gamers. It represents a psychological warfare between two opposing gamers the place the one with an agile thoughts and energy to succeed, wins this battle of minds. It’s a board sport performed by two gamers.

By and huge, it’s believed that chess appeared in India round 5000 B.C. A number of attention-grabbing legends abound this fascinating sport. One of many legend states that the spouse of King Ravana invented the sport 4000-5000 years in the past.

There may be additionally a reference within the Bhavishya Purana concerning the sport. Mahabharata, the good Indian epic, mentions the sport of Chaturanga performed between the 2 reverse sides of the Pandavas and the Kauravas.

When horoscope is solely a chart of heavens calculated by the principles of astronomy, it exhibits sure positions of the planets and zodiacal indicators in relation to the earth. Indian astrology is popularly known as Vedic astrology. This isn’t as a result of it’s there within the Vedas (Veda means unique data and fact). There isn’t a point out of astrology within the Vedas. Nevertheless, it is likely one of the Vedangas, i.e., limb or department of Vedas, and dates again to the Vedic interval. A number of of the Poojas and remedial measures prescribed within the Indian astrology are as per the Vedic system. Therefore, it’s known as Vedic astrology. Ramayan and Mahabharat are the evidences of Vedic Astrology.

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