Prostate Enlargement in Astrology

Prostate Enlargement in Astrology

Prostate gland is a tiny gland current below the urinary bladder and surrounding the urethra. General the entire sexual well being and the urination technique of male are depending on a wholesome prostate. The issue arises when the enlargement is of greater than that of a standard dimension.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is the technical time period for prostate enlargement.

The enlargement of prostate causes issues in genito -urinary system like problem with beginning to urinate, urinary tract infections, problem in sustaining a continuing circulate of urine, dribbling on the finish of urination, frequent feeling of urination, rising numbers of occasions the necessity to urinate in the course of the evening, improve for urgency to urinate continuously, incapable of empty your bladder fully, blood in urine.

Round 100 million males are affected by prostate issues.

Astrology can predict the trigger and the timing of starting of the prostate issues.

Components answerable for prostate enlargement

· sixth home: home of illness

· eighth home: excretory system and bladder, prostate gland

· Moon: genito and urinary derange

· Mars: irritation, infections, contagious illnesses Mercury: genito-urinary issues

· Venus: suppression of urine, venereal complaints

· Saturn/Rahu: persistent illnesses, produces blockages and obstructions, something that impairs regular functioning or gradual erosion of capabilities.

· Jupiter: enlargement of organs, fluid retention,

Totally different combos for prostate enlargement

· Mars in ascendant denotes prostate issues

· Rahu and Saturn positioned collectively in any home might trigger prostate downside.

· Rahu, Mars and Saturn posited in ascendant, possibilities of having enlarged prostate will increase.

· Rahu, Mars and Saturn positioned in sixth

· Rahu and Jupiter positioned in ascendant

· Mars and Rahu positioned in sixth

· Lord of ascendant and Rahu/Ketu/a malefic positioned in eighth

· Jupiter, Solar and Rahu posited in third

· Saturn and Mars positioned in eighth

· Venus and Mars positioned in Aries/Scorpio

· Mars and Moon posited in Aries/Taurus and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn




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