Mars Or Uranus – Who Actually Guidelines the Tower Card?

Mars Or Uranus – Who Actually Guidelines the Tower Card?

Going again to the times of Aleister Crowley and others who submerged themselves into the occult, the person Main Arcana playing cards have been assigned to particular planets.

As a scholar of astrology and the Tarot, I don’t all the time subscribe to the standard correspondences. For instance, to me, the power of Uranus is a significantly better match to The Tower than Mars.

The argument for making Mars The Tower’s ‘ruler’ is that The Tower’s edifice, described as some because the Tower of Babel, represents man’s hubris and a construction of lies.

The Tower picture reveals lightning placing the crown on the highest of the tower edifice, the crown being false materialism and the lightening bolt, the flash of reality placing down the edifice and violently displacing the crown.

Mars represents ego effectively. Mars is dignified in Capricorn the place its ambition is reworked into concrete construction. And the flames emanating from the tumbling construction is in keeping with the symbolism of Mars and its signal, Aries.

Lastly, Wald Amberstone, co-founder of The Tarot College, likens the cardboard’s picture as a illustration of a phallic image on the time of climax.

Definitely that is Mars.

However the lightning, the sudden flash of consciousness, the crack because the construction tumbles, are hallmarks of Uranus.

Arthur Edward Waite in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot describes the previous card, The Satan, as “the autumn into the fabric and animal state, whereas the opposite (The Tower) signifies destruction on the opposite aspect.”

Uranus’ power is depersonalized. It’s fully a product of the mind and the lightning bolt is its hallmark.

The sudden bolt of lightning describes the operation of Uranus as anybody who has skilled a transit of Uranus can testify.

Uranus is the primary planet found that’s too distant to be seen by the unaided human eye. For hundreds of years, astronomers assumed that no planet prolonged past Saturn, therefore that planet’s affiliation with limits and bounds.

Then in 1781, astronomer William Herschel found Uranus with the consequence that the prevailing world-view of the Universe was upended a lot in the identical approach that Uranus transits end in upset and breakthrough on a societal and private degree.

Uranian power is a bolt out of the blue, coming from someplace outdoors of our particular person selves just like the bolt of lightning from above that upends The Tower and its crown.

For my part, Mars is an efficient descriptor of the particular Tower within the card, however Uranus higher describes the querent’s actuality when the cardboard is drawn in an precise studying.


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