Counting All the way down to Christmas and the Start of the SUN – Oops I imply SON

Counting All the way down to Christmas and the Start of the SUN – Oops I imply SON

These accustomed to the Worldwide Church of God know that after a few years of observing what most would name “Jewish Holidays” however with Christian significance, the Church has now switched to the extra generically acceptable Christian holidays, reminiscent of Easter and Christmas. Up to now, these Spring Equinox, Summer time Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice holidays had been changed by the popularity of Passover over Easter within the Spring and the Competition of Tabernacles within the Fall over Christmas. Whereas no non secular holy day springs from a vacuum, and the Jewish Holy Days, additionally sprang from the pagan agricultural holidays that preceded them, I ponder if the Worldwide Church of God, and all Christians can be intrigued and challenged to comprehend simply precisely which “Son” was being born on Christmas and why?

Plainly put, the story of Jesus’ one 12 months ministry as described in Mark, Matthew and Luke, is an astrological allegory of the journey the literal SUN takes via the twelve indicators of the Zodiac in a single 12 months. The journey of the SON/SUN begins on the beginning of the SUN and SON in December, introduced forth by a virgin of all issues, and ends simply earlier than Christmas on December 22-24, the time the SUN seems to be “within the grave” previous to being born once more on the twenty fifth by transferring ever so barely north once more and heading in direction of spring. Jesus additionally spent his three days within the grave as we recall.

To begin with why would I say that the Virgin brings forth the SUN and the Virgin bringing forth the literal SON of God later in print was not the unique story? As a result of the older phenomenon is the sky story seen lengthy earlier than it was made literal for the lots. On Christmas day, specifically 2000 years in the past when throughout Jesus time, the Signal of Aries the Lamb was coming to an finish, signified by the crucifixion of the Lamb within the Spring, the sky on Christmas morning confirmed an fascinating sight. Simply earlier than dawn, the SUN sits on the horizon about to be “born.” On the zenith, the excessive level within the sky, at that second, is the zodiacal constellation of Virgo, the Virgin who’s MOST Excessive, MOST Blessed, at that second the SUN is born. Really, and anciently, “and the virgin shall carry for the SUN.” The prophecy says that “they shall name his (THE SON) identify, Immanuel, which implies “God with us.” However the literal SON Jesus was by no means known as Immanuel. Nonetheless, the true SUN, as SUN of GOD is all the time Immanuel, all the time with us. The Bible even says of “God” that His energy is from the rising of the solar till the happening there of.” Nobody thinks this via. God’s energy is just good throughout the day is what that is saying. God’s energy ends at sunset based on this scripture. Evidently this SUN GOD has not energy after sundown, which after all is the true SUN and never the literalized GOD or SON of GOD. Malachi tells us that the Messiah, however calling him the SUN, “shall come up with therapeutic in his wings.” The wings of the solar are the rays that seem to jet out because of the manner people see the solar after they attempt to have a look at it. One of many nice symbols of Egypt is the solar disc with nice hen wings popping out left and proper. It is an outdated image of how the solar appears to be like to people.

Let’s transfer on a bit previous the beginning of the SUN/Son on Christmas morning. The Gospels say that Jesus was “about 30 years outdated” when he started his ministry. The SUN/SON was born in December within the signal of Capricorn again then which is the Goat, and should account for a number of the Nativity scene animals that had been later made actually true within the story. Every Home of the Zodiac takes up roughly 30 levels of the sky (30×12=360). So the SUN is also about 30 when it enters the subsequent signal of the Zodiac in January, which simply occurs to be the identical PERSON Jesus the SON visited when he started his ministry! This is able to be Aquarius, the Waterman for the SUN however John the Baptizer for Jesus the SON. Similar story. One within the sky, one made literal on earth. Similar Story! Each SUN and SON are baptized by the Waterman throughout this month and each improve, that’s maintain transferring in direction of Spring for the SUN or into his ministry for the SON. Aquarius and John, the Watermen however, should lower and whereas one units, the opposite is decapitated. It’s no coincidence that when Aquarius seems to rise once more six months later at daybreak as an alternative of sink at sundown, the top comes up first reverse Leo the Lion, signal of Herod who had him murdered actually. Aquarius, within the morning dawn appears to be like beheaded by Leo who’s going down. Might this be why later in Jesus ministry Herod thinks that John the Baptist is getting back from the lifeless or had risen, as a result of Aquarius is rising once more after happening six months earlier? Is that this a heavenly astro-theological story made actually true?

Additionally, at dawn and previous to Christmas day, the three stars within the belt of Orion the Hunter rose vertically and adopted the solar throughout the sky all day, solely to unfastened it in sundown. Each winter morning this scene would progress with the three “Magi” rising larger and earlier every day chasing the SUN/SON. When the story was literalized, it misplaced it is common sense. Within the literal story we discover the Magi saying, “We’ve got seen his star within the east ….” They then proceed to comply with it West with it ending up turning south and hovering proper over the place the place Jesus was. It could be a dumb factor to see a star wanting east, watch it go over head in time after which flip west to comply with it to Jerusalem. You’d play this recreation ever evening for awhile. First head east, then lookup, then flip and head west. I doubt this was the plan of the Magi who couldn’t have been that silly. Nonetheless, when not taken actually now we have the three stars, neatly aligned in Orion,s Belt rising like hikers within the east and heading west following the SUN or SON that must be within the West to seek out. Nice astro-theology however a bit funky when made actually true. It would clarify why Herod couldn’t see the identical Star and needed to ask for the Magi to seek out Jesus for him. It was going down within the sky, not the palace. A very good Gnostic would say “after all, that is the place the story comes from.”

Properly shortly after Aquarius and John slip off the scene and Jesus goes on his manner, he goes instantly into the wilderness to be tempted to not be all he will be by Devil. This is able to be the SUN, rising from Winter and heading to Spring after which being the Most Excessive on the Summer time Solstice, however nonetheless weak as it’s early within the recreation. Jesus may nonetheless be too younger, too weak to proceed, so Devil, i.e. Darkness tempts him to be not be Jesus the SON or SUN. The darkness of Winter doesn’t need to go and needs to stop the SUN/SON from en-lightening the world, or as we would say, Devil doesn’t want Jesus the SON to remove the sins (darkness) of the world. Darkness within the human psyche is the world of evil and concern…the world of Devil. Jesus because the SON, identical to the SUN may simply overcome the darkness of winter and Devil if he cannot be disuaded at this weak time of his cycle.

However alas, you may’t cease the seasons, so Jesus and the SUN go to Spring and Easter, which is the time when the SUN has the identical energy because the darkish, when day and evening are Equi-nox or Equal Nights. It is Easter as a result of the SUN rises due east and provides SON worshippers a route through which to hope on Easter morning. Devil is effectively on the best way to being defeated with the SUN/SON being crucified actually in Aries the Lamb, (April-Easter) which Jesus was additionally known as and the SUN in Aries the Lamb as signal of the Zodiac. For the SUN the crucifixion takes place the place the Celestial Equator crosses the Ecliptic and the Solar sits proper on the intersection of it at Easter, and for Jesus it occurs, identical time in Jerusalem, actually.

It’s not coincidence that the Age of Aries the Lamb, which ended with the SUN transferring into PICES because of the development of the equinox each 2190 years or so, across the time of Jesus coincides with the dying of the Lamb of God, the Son, Jesus. It’s a image. “Behold, I’m with you, even unto the top of the age,” stated Jesus. This was not the top of the world as some assume, however the Lamb Jesus can be with them till the top of the astrological age of Aries after which Pices the Fish would start. Additionally it is no coincidence that the image for the SON/SUN’s Church is the fish, nor that within the age of Pices Christians had been to be “fishers of males.” The fishing motif within the Gospels is all in regards to the age of Aries ending across the time of Jesus and the Age of Pices, the Fishes, starting. It’s no coincidence that proper after Jesus overcame Devil, he went to Galilee, which implies “circuit” as in circuit of the SON, or SUN relying on which location you’re seeing the story in, he meets TWO FISHERMEN, Peter and Andrew and makes them Disciples. Jesus making his circuit throughout Galilee, which implies “circuit,” together with his 12 disciples encompass him, is not any completely different than the SUN making it is circuit (Galilee) surrounded by it is 12 zodiacal disciples. The Signal of Pices is that of two fish. It’s not coincidence that within the feeding of the multitudes, there have been TWO Fish and 5 loaves symbolizing the 5 recognized planets of the time, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

Properly there’s way more. When Jesus as SON stood on the mount of transfiguration in the summertime of his one 12 months ministry, his face shone just like the SUN at midday. It is because this earthly occasion is the literal truth within the cosmos that in June, the summer season Solstice finds the SUN at its highest, being the MOST HIGH for the 12 months and good mild. Jesus, standing on that “excessive mountain” in summer season, face shining just like the solar was doing what the SUN was doing in addition to MOST HIGH proper over his head. This isn’t coincidence both. From June, it’s all down hill for the SUN and for Jesus the SON. Most cancers the crab, which strikes backwards and is for July and August symbolizes that the SON and SUN had been going backwards now to their destiny. Jesus is betrayed within the Fall by Judas, that scorpion, simply because the SUN is stung and betrayed by Scorpio in its dive to oblivion in December. The Archer then takes over as Sagittarius, simply because the mob does and each SUN and SON are pierced. They die in late December showing to be gone and because the SUN lies for 3 days within the southern hemisphere, thought of the grave and seems to neither go additional south, nor come again north, so Jesus lies three days because the SON of GOD within the grave. That is December 22-24, the Winter Solstice, But it surely’s all good. One December twenty fifth the SUN and SON are born and introduced forth by the Virgin Mary or the Virgin Virgo overhead and the cycle begins once more.

Fairly cool huh? Ever hear that in Church? You will not. However understand, the SUN that rises and units on a regular basis across the planet, whereas holding little consideration of contemporary busy women and men at the moment, was THE supply of all faith on the planet. As a result of the best concern males have and have had in historical past is concern of the darkish. Darkish was evil and so turned “The Evil” or “De-evil or Satan. Simply because the SUN of GOD overcomes the darkness because it makes it is one 12 months rise and fall from beginning to dying, so Jesus because the literalized SON of GOd, overcomes the Satan and delivers us from darkness too. The story that’s actually true occurs within the cosmos, over your head each minute of on daily basis, month and 12 months. The extra suspect one, made actually true, is what you hear in Sunday faculty….Hey! SUN DAY Faculty!!!!!!!

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