10 Writing and Evaluation Prompts For College students – From Astrological Prediction to Magnificence Tip

10 Writing and Evaluation Prompts For College students – From Astrological Prediction to Magnificence Tip

Clarifying one’s understanding of latest ideas is a needed — and highly effective — a part of the educational course of. In lots of lecture rooms, guaranteeing the time and studying experiences that might give college students the prospect to solidify and apply their new studying has passed by the wayside because of worry about high-stakes testing. In reality, we now have lessened college students’ studying by omitting the time and experiences (like writing) that they want. On this article, you’re supplied with 10 completely different writing (and evaluation) prompts together with examples of how these prompts will be utilized in numerous content material areas.

1. astrological prediction

  • Write astrological horoscopes for characters in a narrative. Use story occasions to assist the predictions.
  • Examine completely different astrological traits to an actual entity. For instance, an Aries represents a ram. Determine true descriptions of a ram and analysis the widespread traits given for an individual with an Aries for an astrological signal.
  • Determine an individual’s astrological signal and examine the widespread traits given for that signal to the behaviors of that particular person.
  • Predict potential outcomes of somebody’s habits if the person believes in astrological predictions. Is that this clever or silly, in your opinion?

2. autobiography

  • Write concerning the life you need to reside. Determine the time in historical past (and future) and the completely different levels of your required life. In essence, you are writing your autobiography forward of time.
  • Write a brief autobiography of Harriet Beecher Stowe (or another creator we now have been finding out). Because it’s an autobiography, you may be writing in that particular person’s voice.
  • Write an autobiography of an historic determine you’d need to meet. Because it’s an autobiography, it is going to be in that particular person’s voice.
  • Write a fictitious autobiography of a personality in a novel. Because it’s an autobiography, it is going to be in that particular person’s voice.

3. award

  • Write a paragraph telling whether or not it’s value your whereas to enter a contest the place the percentages of being awarded the foremost prize are 1,000,000: 1.
  • Write an award presentation to current to your favourite historic determine.
  • Write an award presentation about an accomplishment of yours–or one you hope, plan, and/or need to make sooner or later.

4. axiom

  • Rewrite math axioms in your individual phrases. You possibly can’t do that, in fact, until you really perceive the mathematical idea. Present me.
  • In Candide, the characters’ lives (no less than at first) had been guided by axioms. Determine the impression of these axioms.
  • Outline what an axiom is and find no less than one axiom from Candide that you just thought was notably humorous or foolish.
  • Predict the end result if the axiom _______________ is accepted by the characters within the story.
  • Predict the end result if the axiom _______________ is just not accepted by the characters within the story.

5. child guide

  • Illustrate your private historical past. What phrases or phrases would greatest describe occasions in your life?
  • Create a child guide for the kid of a well-known particular person whether or not actual or not, e.g., Hitler’s little one – how would he elevate her or him?
  • Create the child guide of a personality or well-known particular person we now have been finding out.
  • Examine a child guide to a scrap guide.

6. baccalaureate handle

  • Write a speech you’d ship to the classmates in subsequent yr’s class (since you should have graduated from this math class).
  • Write a baccalaureate handle to a category of cattle. Hey, you are in Future Farmers of America (or an agriculture class)… so be prepared to inform them what is going on to them and what they will stay up for!

7. ballad

  • Clarify what a musical ballad is, then present and/or play examples–possibly ones that you’ve created.
  • Explicate a people ballad – what does it say concerning the tradition?
  • To accompany the melody of a well-liked tune (rock, rap, nation, and so forth.), write phrases explaining a math idea, rule, precept, and so forth.

8. poll

  • Design a poll for no less than 3 individuals you’d need to see working for president of the United State or one other nation. Supply just a few phrases (or sentences) that specify every of those candidates.
  • Write a poll initiative for laws you wish to see enacted. Phrase it in such a approach that individuals can perceive why they need to assist the initiative.

9. banner

  • Design and write the wording for a banner that exhibits what you are presently studying in our class.
  • Design a banner for Holocaust survivors to hold at their launch.

10. magnificence tip

  • How can well being and expertise make one higher trying (and does that matter)?
  • Write an instance for a magnificence tip, I.e., an anti-drug message.
  • Look at and write about Shakespeare’s “My Mistress’ Eyes” sonnet or Byron’s “She Walks in Magnificence.”
  • Examine a magnificence tip for exterior magnificence to inside magnificence.

See what enjoyable you may have with these — and watch what occurs together with your higher elementary, center/highschool, or school college students once they present what they know utilizing these concepts or those you have created primarily based on these prompts.

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