Use Tyr’s Nordic Rune Magic to Win Courtroom Instances

Use Tyr’s Nordic Rune Magic to Win Courtroom Instances


The New Legal guidelines of Religious Quantum Physics which is our reward from the Age of Aquarius tells us that ALL is vitality.

You’re vitality, I’m vitality, the Choose sitting in his black robes is vitality and the courtroom constructing is vitality.

In addition they inform us that there’s an infinite ocean of considering, clever vitality known as the Quantum Ocean or Mimirs Nicely. Every thing that’s was or ever will likely be exists there.

Our Northern Gods and Goddesses exist there. The runes exist there.

All is vitality.

If you step right into a courtroom of regulation you’re getting into a really highly effective vitality matrix that isn’t harmonious to our Northern European Pagan individuals. In truth this vitality may be very harmful to us.

Subsequently don’t go in alone and don’t go in unarmed. Since all is vitality and ideas are issues, use your ideas to deliver your personal energies into the courtroom room.

Christians deliver their bible, crosses and prayers.

Convey your Norse champion of Justice with you TYR. Convey his very highly effective runic image with you, the rune TYR.

Arm your self and ally your self then step into the battle enviornment. You should have a higher likelihood of victory and success.

That is the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Thoughts and the Age of Ideas. Use your thoughts and ideas to guard your self.


The night time earlier than the courtroom case begin your ritual. Sit quietly in your favourite chair and breath deeply and softly.

Now visualize the infinite Quantum Ocean, Mimirs Nicely the place every thing exists.

Intone a number of instances:

“TYR, TYR, TYR information me. TYR, TYR, TYR assist me. TYR, TYR, TYR shield me. TYR, TYR, TYR come to me”

Sit patiently until you are feeling him getting into your room. Visualize him standing earlier than you in his full energy with sword in his proper hand a defend in his left hand. The hand that he sacrificed to the Fenris wolf for our ancestors.

As soon as you are feeling his presence, and you’ll, thank him for coming.

Fall asleep figuring out that he’ll stay with you defending you thru out the night time.

Within the morning greet him out loud and provide him a sacrifice. A sacrifice of a few of your breakfast. You probably have toast, eggs, bacon and low. Take a small piece of every, wrap in a serviette and take outdoors. Dig a bit gap within the yard, put the serviette with the sacrifice in it. Pour a bit espresso within the gap and canopy it up.

Sacrifice is essential in any Norse magic.

Now take a purple marker and draw a TYR rune on the palms of each palms, one over your coronary heart and photo voltaic plexus. These you’ll need to guard your self from the actual unhealthy energies of a courtroom home.

Consider all of the hatred, disappointment and mendacity vitality that fills a courthouse. You don’t want that to enter you.

Go to courtroom and know that TYR is alongside you. When your flip comes, stand and maintain the palms of your palms in such a manner that they face the choose with out being seen. Ask TYR for justice.

Really feel the energy and presence of TYR all via the path. Know that he provides you with the justice that you simply deserve. Good or unhealthy.

When it’s over, go away the courthouse along with your victory, thank TYR and ship him on his manner so he can hep one other kindred.

Don’t play down the ability of the Norse Gods and the Norse runes. They’re right here with us always.

Norse magic is the flexibility to maneuver energies from one place to a different with none bodily means. You’re transferring vitality from the Quantum Ocean, Mimirs properly to the courthouse. And you’re utilizing your thoughts to do it.

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