The Finish Occasions – What’s the Fact Behind It?

The Finish Occasions – What’s the Fact Behind It?

Many individuals these days really feel that we’re ultimately occasions, not solely as a result of the Bible and different traditions say so but additionally due to the various indicators showing round us.

It’s slightly tough to seek out correct details about this topic – a topic that impacts us all; it would not matter whether or not we imagine or not, whether or not we belong to a established church or faith or not.

Due to the financial state of affairs we live via now, it appears that evidently the topic of the tip occasions has lately been a bit exacerbated, and a substantial amount of persons are feeling uneasy in regards to the current occasions and what the long run has in retailer for us.

There’s a guide written within the yr 1960 by Samael Aun Weor, which, in a transparent and masterly approach, explains all these subjects which are of concern in our occasions; the title of the guide is The Message of Aquarius.

At first sight it could appear a form of messianic, fictional or new-age guide, however this isn’t the case.

It is a guide about Revelation, the final guide of the Bible – an usually misunderstood guide. Right here its prophecies are made clear and accessible for all of us, to know issues that go to the very depths of our consciousness.

Samael Aun Weor methodically unveils the twenty-two chapters of Revelation and all its verses, one after the other, unravelling all its allegories and symbols.

In it, we study, for instance, in regards to the relationship of Revelation to the totally different zodiacal eras (Age of Aquarius, Age of Pisces, and so forth.), and the way the Earth’s floor adjustments periodically, inflicting the emergence of various continents and humanities in numerous cycles of time.

Samael Aun Weor additionally explains why we’re ultimately occasions and the implications this has for the planet earth and for humanity. Like, as an example, the that means and repercussions of house travelling; the enlargement of China; about the usA and different powers; the deterioration of the planet – each bodily and morally, and in regards to the periodical approaching of a giant planet belonging to a neighbouring photo voltaic system, which previously delivered to an finish historical continents that existed in our planet at the moment.

In his guide Samael Aun Weor additionally offers with the little understood topic of the approaching of beings from different planets, their mission and the rationale for them to be right here, furthering new data and concepts, and helping us in laying down the foundations for a totally new and regenerated humanity. The necessities wanted to be a part of this new humanity are clearly lay down all through the guide.

The writer additionally enlightens us as to the best way to be a part of this new future humanity, which is able to inhabit new continents, in a totally remodeled planet.

This guide might be welcomed by those that are in search of clear and correct details about the apocalyptic subjects, the tip occasions and associated topics, and likewise by those that are involved in regards to the current state of humanity as a complete, and will not be completely happy with the solutions and explanations given via the standard mass channels. For them this guide is a should.

For a lot of this guide might be an actual eye-opener as to what’s behind many occasions at the moment occurring in our world, in any respect ranges: financial, political, scientific, and so forth., which consequently will open new doorways of examine and analysis.

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