The Crocodile Hunter’s Astrology Chart

The Crocodile Hunter’s Astrology Chart

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died one after being stung by the tail of a stingray on September 4, 2006. The entire world was enormously saddened by the bizarre passing of this nice Australian naturalist and conservationist, who was recognized for his method with animals.

Like many individuals who appear to “march to the beat of their very own drum,” Irwin was born on the cusp of Pisces and Sagittarius. His precise delivery date is February 22, 1962. The truth that he was born on the cusp accounts for his adventurous aspect and the truth that he additionally has Venus in Pisces (which implies a love for water) might account as to why he was so pleasant with creatures within the rivers and oceans.

Like many celebrities, Irwin was additionally born with 4 planets (a stallion) within the wild and daring signal of Aquarius: Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. This may occasionally have accounted for his wild and reckless nature. Saturn in Aquarius particularly would create a person that is aware of no concern. Wrestling with crocodiles day-after-day actually matches that astrological profile.

The explanation he was so charismatic is as a result of he had Mercury in Aquarius. Jupiter in Aquarius additionally bestowed this nice man with a beneficiant and philanthropic nature. Throughout his lifetime, he donated tens of millions to saving animals and world earth causes. Aquarius is the signal of the visionary and the last word communicator. Irwin was the last word idealist who’s why loss of life is was so tragic.

Many astrologers have famous that his unusual loss of life was predicted in his natal chart by a set T-Sq., which is a marker of misfortune. This can be a configuration of three planets that appears like a “T” within the astrological chart. The north a part of the T was in Leo and in opposition to his Mars in Aquarius, which signifies his daring on that day. He additionally had Neptune in Scorpio, which may imply hazard within the water on the opposite aspect of the T. Mars in Scorpio was on the backside of the T form in his chart. The signal of Scorpio is thought for “stinging” and naturally he was stung to loss of life by an animal within the water.

He was additionally born within the signal of Pisces the place Mars was additionally sitting in his chart. That may additionally imply loss of life by water, as Mars symbolizes accidents. This configuration was additionally a part of this T-square form in his Zodiac chart.

He was born with this T-Sq., but it surely was not activated till the day of his loss of life when a T-Sq. consisting of Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo, and Neptune in Aquarius transited his natal chart and activated his destiny on September 4, 2006.

Additionally on that day, Jupiter fashioned a sq. to his Mars, which is the equal of getting one’s life gentle extinguished. All of this happened within the signal of Scorpio, which is a ruthless signal to say the least.

Steve Irwin’s loss of life did have one merciful aspect and that simply as he died his natal Uranus was in trine with the progressed Neptune bringing a fast loss of life. It’s probably he didn’t undergo.

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