Numerology, Quantum Physics and Pythagoras

Numerology, Quantum Physics and Pythagoras

Pythagoras was an important trainer, thinker and mathematician in Historic Greece. 1000’s of years in the past he stated, “God Geometrizes.” He additionally stated, “Numbers are alive and are the creation instruments of the Universe.” As well as, he gave the world the good mathematical secret referred to as “The Pythagorean Theorem.”

Over 40 yeas in the past, once I was first introduces to the writings and teachings of Pythagoras, there was in rapid rapport. I started my forty yr examine of numerology. Though I didn’t perceive what he meant when he stated, “Numbers are alive.” I believed it.

For too a few years, myself and tens of millions of others have been saved within the darkness of the dogmatic teachings of the Age of Pisces. We had been saved from pondering “out of the field. We had been taught that solely people, animals and crops had been alive. And that solely we might possess a knowledge, a power or energy of any form.

How might such an inanimate object, like numbers, possess an intelligence? How might they possess the power to create? How might they be greater than a chalk mark on a black board or a pencil mark on a pad of paper? We they’re! They’re, in reality, Divine Powers and we are able to use them to recreate our personal lives.

The Age of Aquarius, with it is new paradigm of the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics, has blown not solely the lid, but in addition the edges off of the “Piscean Field.” These legal guidelines inform us that each one is power. And that all the pieces is alive with “Quanta,” life power, that ideas, in addition to numbers are issues.

Every part, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Suns, folks, ideas, feelings, and numbers all exist in an infinite ocean of pondering, clever power. It’s referred to as the Quantum Ocean, which in actuality is the Thoughts of God. We’re all stay transfer and have our being inside the Thoughts of God. Since we’re power, the Universe is power. Planets, different folks, canines, cats, NUMBERS all are power. We and all energies have an effect on one another.

The Nice Cosmic Regulation of Three and the Legal guidelines of Resonant Frequencies inform us that at any time when one power area (us) comes into contact with one other power area (particular person, place or factor) a relationship is born. The connection of the 2 completely different energies creates a 3rd power. This third power is impacts the connection in lots of refined and never so refined methods. Whenever you had been born, there was a selected numerological power current on the earth round you.

By taking your first breath, you tuned your finer power construction with the prevailing power construction of the day. You tuned into the ability of the quantity. In Numerology, that is known as your “Future Quantity” and you can not change it as a result of it was the prevailing power of the day you had been born. This power is inside you and is a everlasting a part of the sign you transmit to the world round you.

The sign we undertaking outward, attracts our life within the type of individuals, locations and occasions. Due to this fact, it is vital that you realize the attracting energy of your “Future Quantity.” There are solely 9 residing quantity powers. Each two digit quantity could be lowered to one of many base 9 numbers. All is power! You’re power! Numbers are power! When two power techniques come collectively a 3rd power is shaped, that being the connection which can significantly have an effect on your life.

The title you got could be lowered with Pythagoras’s numerological system to a sequence of numbers. These numbers create relationships with you and appeal to folks, locations and occasions into your life. If you happen to do not significantly like the best way your life goes, not sufficient cash, well being, love, or creativity, then merely change the letters of your title and add or subtract letters, till they add as much as the numbers of the numerological energies you want in your life.

You may change your current actuality right into a extra wholesome, glad an loving actuality by altering your title. Keep in mind Numerology reveals us how and that each one is power. Develop into a distinct power being.

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