Mixtures Proclaiming the Delivery of an Exceptionally Lovely Lady in Aquarius Ascendant

Mixtures Proclaiming the Delivery of an Exceptionally Lovely Lady in Aquarius Ascendant

For a lady with Aquarius as a rising signal, like its predecessor Capricorn, Venus is a Yogakaraka i.e. it’s able to showering wonderful outcome given an opportunity, and even half an opportunity. This is because of its possession of the fourth angular home and the ninth trinal home. Due to this fact, its relationship with the lagna lord Saturn is essential for a woman of this ascendant; for instance if Saturn is within the twelfth home i.e. Capricorn, with Venus, they’ll strengthen one another as a result of they each are bosom associates. On this conjunction, Venus will switch its magnificence to the ascendant lord Saturn.

Saturn is the significator of the twelfth home, moreover being its lord for this ascendant, whereas the location of Venus within the twelfth, and even its full seventh facet from the sixth home is great in giving a break the place being stunning is important. This woman will likely be very stunning, in fact, if Mercury is within the ascendant and the Solar is within the second home, within the signal of Pisces, aspiring to be exalted within the subsequent signal of Aries. As well as, full facet of Jupiter on the primary home from the fifth home (having the signal of Gemini), one step away from exaltation, shall undoubtedly make this magnificence be part of leisure business and make successful out of it.

In one other mixture, if Saturn is within the eleventh home in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Leo within the seventh home totally aspecting the third exalted Solar (in Aries) by ninth facet together with ascendant (seventh facet) and Saturn (fifth facet). This three means facet on the ascendant and ascendant lord plus significator of the ascendant (the Solar), will increase the prospects of this woman tremendously. If Venus is within the second home of Pisces in exaltation, then the beginning of exceptionally stunning woman is foretold.

Presence of the total Moon within the fourth home of Taurus, in exaltation, with the Solar and Mercury and within the tenth home; right here each the Solar and the Moon have full directional energy and the Solar has utterly cleansed itself, rising from its fall in Libra. If Saturn can also be in Libra (in exaltation) with Venus (personal home), receiving the total facet of Jupiter positioned in ascendant, then this magnificence would be the uncrowned ruler of the hearts of the folks.

Presence of the Solar within the eleventh home and that of Mercury within the twelfth, with Saturn and Venus within the ascendant, plus Moon and Jupiter within the second home, in its personal signal of Pisces, additionally create a pleasant alignment of forces that give beginning to a most stunning woman in Aquarius ascendant.

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