Elements Accountable For Huge Wealth and Prosperity within the Horoscope of GD Birla

Elements Accountable For Huge Wealth and Prosperity within the Horoscope of GD Birla

Shri Ghanshyam Das or popularly generally known as “G.D.” Birla (April 10, 1894 – June 11, 1983) was an Indian businessman and a member of the influential Birla household. Ghanshyam Das Birla, a doyen and a chief architect of Indian’s industrial progress. He was the person who laid the foundations of the Birla Empire and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Trade (FICCI). He’s additionally popularly generally known as the builder of Birla Mandirs [temples].

Horoscope of G.D. Birla [D.B: 15.4.1894, place: Pilani, time: 3.35 a.m.]

Ascendant: Aquarius

1st home: Venus

2nd home: Mercury [debilitated] and Rahu

third home: Solar [exalted]

4th home: Jupiter [in quadrant]

sixth home: Moon [own sign]

eighth home: Ketu

ninth home: Saturn [exalted]

twelfth home: Mars [exalted]

Astro Evaluation of Totally different Features of G.D. Birla’s Life


· Ascendant is Aquarius, lord of ascendant is Saturn which is retrograde and exalted in ninth home.

· A really sturdy Raja-yoga is fashioned, by the trade of homes by the lords of 1st and ninth homes. Native was born with the silver spoon in his mouth.

· Typically the Aquarians are non secular and really intuitive in nature. They’re pure in coronary heart and at all times inclined to assist others. Having magnetic persona, which endears them to all they arrive in touch with.

· Ascendant is within the constellation of Rahu and the location of Venus in it signifies the international connections and frequent international journeys.

Lengthy life-span

· G.D.Birla lived an extended lifetime of 90 years

· Saturn [significator of longevity] because the lord of ascendant is being posited in ninth home making highly effective raja yoga.

· Lord of eighth and Jupiter are aspecting the eighth home [house of longevity]

· Exalted Solar in third home [house of longevity] and the lord of third Mars can be exalted

· Saturn could be very highly effective

Highly effective Mangalik dosha

· Mars is posited twelfth from the ascendant and the Venus, seventh from the Moon, making a strong Mangalik dosha within the horoscope.

· Resulting from this dosha his two wives died, earlier than he accomplished his 32 years. Then onward roughly to the age of 90 he lived a lonely life.

A number of marriages and Deaths of wives

· If 2nd home and its lord from ascendant/Moon are very highly effective however severely influenced by the Mars then the, natives spouse will die prematurely.

· If the lords of ascendant and seventh are in conjunction or side with one another, the native could have multiple spouse

· In G.D. Birla’s horoscope the Solar because the lord of 2nd home from the Moon, is in exaltation however 2nd home/lord from the Moon are badly stricken by the Mars.Additional lords of ascendant and seventh points every others, signifies a number of marriages

Acquainting monumental wealth and prosperity

Within the Aquarius ascendant the Jupiter is the, chief planet of wealth and prosperity being the lord of 2nd [wealth] and eleventh [income]

Laxmi yoga [powerful wealth yoga]

· Moon and mars are associated by side or conjunction

· Within the horoscope, Moon in sixth and Mars in twelfth points one another, making a strong wealth yoga

Sasa yoga

· Sasa yoga is fashioned if Saturn occupies a quadrant from ascendant /Moon and being in its personal/exaltation signal

· One born on this yoga can be head of a village or a city or perhaps a king. If the Saturn occupies 4th place, then the native can be a head of a really profitable enterprise empire.

· Within the G.D. Birla’s horoscope the exalted Saturn is occupying the 4th home kind the Moon.

Ruchaka yoga

· Mars ought to be occupying quadrant from the Ascendant/Moon in its personal/exalted signal.

· Particular person born with Ruchaka yoga can be a well-known, king or equal to king, charitable disposition, rich, long-lived, and conforming to traditions and customs

· Within the horoscope of G.D Birla, the exalted Mars is positioned seventh from the Moon. In his youth he was properly excited by wrestling. He donated ample amount of cash for social causes

Parijatha yoga

· The lord of signal during which the lord of ascendant is posited shall be part of a quadrant/trine/ or personal/exaltation signal.

· Resulting from his yoga, the native will stay joyful within the center and final components of life, receiving the homage of kings and rulers; he can be well-known and beneficiant.

· Within the Birla’s horoscope the, ascendant lord Saturn is positioned within the signal Libra, whose lord Venus is being posited within the ascendant [quadrant].

Wealth acquired although lottery and shares market

· Lords of 2nd [wealth] and eighth [shares market, lottery, etc] exchanges one another homes

· The native will get monumental cash by share market and lottery

· Within the Birla’s horoscope the lord of 2nd and eighth exchanges one another’s homes.

Neech bhang Raj yoga

· The lord of the signal being occupied by a debilitate planet, is posited in quadrant from the ascendant /Moon

· The standing of the native can be equal to a rulers or a king

· On this horoscope the Mercury is in a debilitate signal [Pisces] however the lord of the signal, Jupiter is positioned in quadrant from the ascendant.




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