Biochemic Cell Salts and Astrology Equals Well being

Biochemic Cell Salts and Astrology Equals Well being

Astrology and Cell Salts Biochemistry

On this chaotic and materialistic world we will thank Dr. George W. Carey for giving us a priceless key to psychological and bodily well being. He wrote a small guide entitled “The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Physique to the Indicators of the Zodiac;” circa 1900.

The heritage of all people on the planet is perfection; excellent well being. Our photo voltaic system simply entered the age of Aquarius, which is the human signal. The signal of the reality about man. That is the age of fact. Solely fact issues not opinions. Know the reality and the reality shall set you free. Know the reality and heal your self. The method essential to the attainment of perfection was given to us by Dr. William Schuessler in his biochemic system of drugs. The important thing was provided by Dr. Carey.

Dr. Schuesselr’s system provides the blood with it is part components. When the blood is chemically excellent, God-Energy enters the physique. Deficiency means illness, lack of ease, in concord, or imperfection. An ideal provide of the suitable chemical components means excellent cells, an ideal mind, excellent thought, excellent acts, “perfection-a God-Man!” Neitschze was proper … we’re males gods. Most individuals have no idea that biochemistry is an historic sanskirt science. What goes round comes round.

Dr. Carey, in an odd and uncommon meditation ascribed to every signal of the zodiac a corresponding chemical aspect or salt. His guide is probably the most distinctive and beneficial work of the final century. The cell salts are a key to bodily regeneration and religious illumination. His info is required to provide or create the brand new man. The person for the age of Aquarius.

The revelation got here to Dr. Carey in his “seventieth 12 months!” This revelation was that every of us is to make a brand new being of ourselves. We should all work out our personal salvation. And this salvation takes many lifetimes. Persistence is the fruit of the gods.

Esoteric Astrology is the nobel science that synthesizes the physiological, anatomical, chemical and metaphysical features of man.

The age of Aquarius is telling mankind to look upward or it is going to be compelled to take action.

The cell salts, the method of bodily regeneration is just not of 1 life, one incarnation, however of many. Be affected person. However, begin now. He’s gone however when the time is ripe and the astrological second arrives which is able to produce the vibration needed for his reappearance within the goal, he’ll come forth once more within the bodily manifestation to go on along with his work.

The age of Aquarius is giving us the legal guidelines of quantum physics. The legal guidelines of quantum physics inform us that there isn’t a time within the infinite ocean of vitality known as the quantum ocean. There isn’t any previous, current nor future, solely the now!” All the things that ever was, is or shall be is within the quantum ocean now.

Dr. Carey is there awaiting the time when he’ll blink out of the quantum ocean and into bodily actuality. It’s the blink that he and all of us have achieved many occasions… on the proper time.

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